Character Details - Garrett Madison

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NAME :: Garrett Madison

Race:: Vampyre

AGE :: 734 years young

Hair :: Brown

Eyes:: Lavendar blue

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight :: 202 lbs.

LOCATION :: Alexia

Composer ... Poet ... Bard

HOBBIES::Music ... Wyne and
Women are my pleasure.


Garrett Madison
at your service.

Since few dare embrace our divine one, it is safe for you to assume ...
I am the last Chylder of Suzanne Knight.


My residence is CliffHouse.

I was ... AM a composer of music, a poet and bard.
And a fair hand with the sword when the occasion presents itself.
Lord da Darkstar sees to it that all within the Covenant are well
versed in the arts of weaponry, and for those few with the gift and
inclination: we are instructed in the earth magick under the watchful
eye of the Ventrue Archon, Wolfgar Nastroff.

You wouldn't think that someone of my vast talents would find time
 for mischief, but ... it seems I'm constantly being dressed-down by
 M'Lady Suzanne for one infraction or another.
Even to  decreed that I take a mate ... I suppose this is  ...
to cut down on the duels I'm forced to partake in.
My talents,  preserved at their peak, are given freely to all.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Michael Easton