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It was one night of rowdy sport in a small village near the border of Termer, not long before his nuptials, that T’Ry'Den Nault bedded an anonymous tavern beauty, leaving her with a child he would never know existed.

Never to reveal the Father's name, (except to her son upon her deathbed)  this young, strong-willed and determined woman returned to her village, as the "widow" Nault and raised her child in her grandmother's home in ALqualond.

This emerald eyed male child, ostracized by the townsfolk, was fortunately befriended by the Game Keeper of a neighboring noble human family. Over the years his eagerness to learn and natural affinity to the raptors soon earned him the title of Master Falconer in his own right. Later, as a young man the Elf fell in love and married a human woman who later bore him a son.

This son, A’Rukar Nault, though having the gently pointed ears of his father did not possess the brilliant emerald eyes of the Nault lineage. His eyes were more like those of his mother, sable ringed and deep forest green. Raised within the forest surrounded by animals and his Father's raptors, A’Rukar early on showed a profound gift, the extraordinary ability to communicate telepathically with the creatures around him. His knowledge of their ways ensured their full cooperation, usually willingly when they are rewarded by his friendship and protection. However, if they reject his friendship then A’Rukar would simply turn the face he reserved for his enemies towards them. Said animal would quickly decide it would rather be his friend.

 It was during his ninth century that a near fatal wound found him in the care of quiet and unassuming beauty. Her gift of healing and tender heart soon had him on the mend, and their closeness over the weeks of recovery quickly awakened A’Rukar’s baser male needs. When he departed he was unaware he’d left her with child and it would a full twelve years later before he returned, only to discover she’d been murdered and the existence of a son. After avenging her death by taking the life of her murderer, A’Rukar took possession of his son and returned to DyreWood.

 A’Rukar, is a Halfling and possesses the qualities of all Wood Elves; being very close to the natural world in which he lives, and upon reaching maturity discovered another ability which he’s since perfected. Quite by accident, during a moment of rage he shifted, taking on the forms of a panther. Powerful magic is required for him to make a change that lasts, but it is easy for him to shift shape for a few moments. The metamorphosis from Halfling-Elf to savage beast is a horrible sight to see, as his bones crack and stretch, fur sprouts from his body and a tooth-laden muzzle extend from his face.

His ability to fully shift into the forms of beasts makes him quite reclusive, dealing with mankind (and even other Elves) seldom. Though he does maintain some ties with the ‘civilized world’, and therefore is not quite as bestial in nature as is the Were-personage. It is in middle of combat that he mostly utilizes the ‘shift’, in order to make use of natural claws or fangs to strike an opponent. It is quite a surprise for an enemy to approach this Halfling-Elf, only to see him sprout claws that slash, leaving gaping wounds, and then disappear.

His talents often resemble animal powers, (keen sight and hearing, tracking, stalking and brute strength) and can influence aquatic, flying, burrowing creatures, and surface dwellers. These powers also work against enchanted creatures, such as the dark dragons, as well as they do against an ordinary wolf or bear. Yet his telepathic powers and dominating influences do not work against people or other intelligent life, nor do they affect the undead, demonic creatures, or creatures that are constructs of the Horrors. Though he can influence, he does not control. The exact information that is may be gained or given from such communication is dependent upon the situation.

He would reject the idea of being any sort of hero, as he is reclusive like most Wood Elves, rarely associating with anyone, and has little interest in the accumulation of treasure. However, he may certainly join forces with brave Heroes in order to fight for the oppressed or victimized, or perform other great deeds from time to time. He feels uncomfortable in large cities or towns, and prefers to live in the wild, far away from other people.

A’Rukar wears no armor nor does he carry a shield. The Broadsword is his weapon of choice and his skill matches that of the Protectors. He does not keep and cares little for worldly possessions; other than what can be carried on his person and has no one place he calls "home". Neither does he keep a will, nor has little use for monies. He has little business in cities or towns other than an occasion stop to take advantage of training arenas or to buy delicacies and sell items confiscated from an enemy. He prefers living off the land and spends most of his time in the woods with his mystical menagerie between expeditions, thus avoiding any cost of living expenses.

A'Rukar is a solitary man, with the one exceptiion of his son,
who is showing great promise of becoming a skilled Falconer
himself. Traveling with them is an unlikely menagerie:
three raptors, two ferrets and the Regit his son raised from a cub.

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