Character Details - Galain Tyrel Alcarin

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Travais as G Jr

Age: 732
Height: 6-2
Hair: Blond and worn to and past his shoulders
Eye: Emerald green
Build: Favoring his S’Hean heritage and thus heavier when it comes to musculature.
Markings: D'Riel Insignia on left shoulderblade

Marital status: Single

He has lived his entire life as a captive of Tallin Modar, fully aware that he is the son of Galain and An’Thaya Alcarin (now Blackthorn). He had worn a collar all his life to deaden his abilities.

The younger Galain was certain his parents know of him and Tallin was been unsparing with him. He knew who his parents were and that he was supposed to be a tool to hurt or destroy them. He was been told that he will be his parents’ destruction, especially since he is controllable.

These days Tyrel travels freely, exploring Whispin as he can, learning about his family and heritage. Currently he doesn't visit Alcarinque or Berelath due to his father's state of mind. Tyrel's former rage against his powerlessness has simmered down and people find him open, friendly, curious and surprisingly gentle.

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