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Galain is a high elf who lives on a planet named Berelath. His people are called the Elen and he lives in a city called Alcarinque hidden deep within the Forest of the eastern continent.

Basic characteristics:

Height: 6', 2"
Hair: Golden blond, streaked with silver starting at the temples. He wears it shoulder-length now at all times, usually braided into one tail.
Eyes: Sea-green
Physical Age: Anywhere between 3,000 and 4,500 (subject to change)
Apparent Age: 35-40
Marital Status: Single, divorced

Galain's history has been long and varied, including many unique events such as becoming a vampire and discovering his dragon self. He has had several lovers and thus quite a few children. Most significantly he was bonded and married to An’Thaya D’Riel and Ghetsuhm Riker. He is no longer bonded to either and was divorced by them. The elf does not seek attachments of any sort these days, preferring instead to focus on the raising of his young daughter, Aarien, and burying himself in the daily battle of court and council politics as he seeks to assert his role as future king of the Elen.

Galain is also a gold dragon and when in that form can either be called Scaralassë or ’Lain. He prefers either Scar or ’Lain. His dragon self does not have a mate or lover, having lost Ghetsuhm when she and Galain divorced.

Personality: In the past Galain has been known as a light-hearted, friendly person prone to mischief and pranks. He has been known for embracing life to excess, and his love affairs have been numerous and notorious. In the past Galain felt that life was simply his to take and he approached his lovers in the same way, feeling that if he wanted, then he got.

Only static, shallow characters never change, and Galain has undergone several life-altering moments including his brief time as a vampire and his marriages to An’Thaya and Ghetsuhm. Most recent events within the last ten years of his relationships with these two women have affected him the most, leaving the elf reclusive, distrustful and angry. Two divorces in less than three years can leave a man bitter and cold, and Galain is no exception. He will steadfastly maintain that he loves just one woman and that perhaps tempers his normally violent anger when it comes to his last divorce.

In these latest days Galain no longer paints, distills spirits or maintains business interests, finding such pastimes to be frivolous. His formerly easy and flirtatious manner has vanished and he prefers spending time with his daughter over anything else. In fact, the only time he even remotely resembles his old self is when he’s with Aarien, perhaps mostly because she is a force to be reckoned with all on her own. However, his general interactions with others are terse, short-tempered and taciturn. Having repressed his normal jealousies and instincts for too long he is more likely to strike out, whether verbally or physically.

Oddly, Galain does not drink to excess. It could be argued instead that he exercises, physically trains and works to excess instead.

When describing Scar or ’Lain’s personality one can only continue to use the words “easy-going, wry, exuberant when in flight”. He misses his mad flights with Geth and misses Ghetsuhm, of whom he was more than just fond. He tends to try to assert himself when he senses Galain slipping over the edge in the sanity department and is probably largely responsible for keeping his elven host on a relatively even keel these days.

Distinguishing marks: He has a light sprinkling of golden scales that start around his stomach and trail much lower. All bonding marks have been removed and Galain now bears only two markings: a star and dove tattoo on his lower left backside just where his back ends, and the tattoo of a golden dragon that runs from his neck and down his right shoulder blade. Ear and private piercings have been removed.

Favorite haunts: Galain has given Ringë to his sister, Summerlin, and her husband, Reece Nightfall, finding the site of his last wedding to be too painful to revisit. He has also temporarily closed the Green Heart Inn. In these latter days Galain chooses to roam the southern and western edges of the Forest surrounding Alcarinque, finding a deep fascination for the ocean to the west and the unknown frontier to the south. When his daughter is in his care he stays strictly within the confines of the city, however. On occasion he does leave Berelath in the form of ’Lain so that the dragon can visit his hoard on a distant water planet.

Other information: Galain no longer wears the necklace Shadow Silverleaf gave him long ago when they thought they were father and daughter. Instead he carries it near his heart within the vest he always wears. He also wears a silver armband on his left arm that denotes his birthright as crown prince of the Elen. He wears no other jewelry. When armed he wears an Elen-made broadsword of elegant design across his back. He carries the dagger he received when he and Railen became sworn brothers. Galain carries Zt’Mournirac, (WyrmFinder) a dagger of unusual provenance and an uncertain future within his right boot. Galain also has a connection to the D’Riel Web established through his Embracing of An’Thaya during his time as a vampire, his own un-Embracing, as well as a blood bond made during their marriage. He prefers to keep the connection heavily dampened and never uses it. He also bears some minor S’Hean characteristics although his Elen blood heavily dampens the effects of those characteristics.

If a scent were to be ascribed to Galain it would be of freshly crushed pine needles and ripe blackberries.

His family: Galain was born to Gareth and the late Delanna Alcarin, and has one sister, Summerlin, who is his elder by 500 years. He has one younger half-brother named Iavan, a product of the union between his father and Saya Nalhrin, Gareth’s second wife.

Children (listed in birth order or relatively so)

Galain and Rhiannon: Kaylin
Galain and An’Thaya (Elyen): Anelain
Galain and Zoya: Jason and Julian (twins)
Galain and Mystical: Melaina and Conlan (twins)
Galain and Adelaide: Aisling, Cathaior
Galain and Saya: Avathar
Galain and An’Thaya: Tysane (stillborn) and “Galain, Jr.”, Gloraelin and Culaelin (twins), Menelanna, Makilnar and Vanyalin
Galain and Ghetsuhm: Marius, Aarien


Cully and Wilwarin: Catelyn, Willem
Glory and Ibex: Galen
Conlan and Kaylee: Cassey, Carrick and Kiana
Glory and Catherine: Rilya (deceased), Nendil and
Cuivienen (twins)

His friends and relationships: Galain calls few his friends these days although he maintains friendly relations with Bran and Mira Badb Catha, Drake and Willow Silverwing, and Hunter and Mercy Urdrul and their various children. He also maintains a courteous air toward Ghetsuhm, having given her access to the random, traveling entries through Alcarinque’s wards so she can pick up Aarien at regular times. For the most part however, Galain is well and out of the usual social loop, keeping well in the background of any current crises involving Aerdon, Whispin or even Arlsyn, to the point of blessed obscurity, at least to his mind.

Other facts to keep in mind: Galain is an Elen of royal and noble blood and thus has the potential to reach mage levels when it comes to using the magical abilities innate to his kind. Basic skills include casting balefire, creating handfire, opening portals for travel or retrieval of items, and magicking necessary items into existence. Galain also has rudimentary healing skills, but is most attuned to nature and trees. In the past he has been known to cause rapid growth and healing of the trees surrounding the Green Heart when they have been damaged. Galain manipulates the energy of the planet or plane he is on into weaves of channeled power.

One very important fact: Elen elves and thus Galain himself, are allergic to man-made iron. There is a trade in ironbane with the government of S’Hea, but the tea is an acquired taste. Most Elen’s skin burn when touched by man-made iron.

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