Character Details - Shalimar Stamos

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Shalimar Stamos  
 The House of Shalimar

From the court of Louie the 16th
to Ventrue business woman.

HOBBIES :: Swimming ... sailing ... dance


Earth history:
When Marie Antoinette of Austria wed the dauphin, Louis, grandson of Louis 14th of France, in 1770 She did bring with her a ward, one Shalimar Stamos. A child of noble birth, yet from the wrong side of the blanket, the young woman knew that prospects for marriage within the court would be doubtful. Of this, she personally cared nothing, her true desire being to change the face of fashion within the court of Louis the 16th.

Unheard of at the time, the young noble-woman took up scissor and thread, and under the tutorage of Marie Antoinette's modist Mlls. Rose Bertin, created garments of elegance and grace from bolts of the finest silks and lace to be found through-out Europe. The simplicity and lines of her designs quickly caught the eye of Silkwood Delanney, who became a regular patron.

When the King and Queen were jailed in the late 1780's and the nobility were being guilotined, Silkwood quickly took charge of the young woman, offering her the dark gift of immortality, and fled France for the newly independent states of the Americas, and New York.


Alexia History:
Upon the rise from Tupor, the Primogen of Alexia awoke to a different world who's name meant Rebirth, Metanoia. Calling forth their Chylder, they soon became aware of the vast loss of life brought about by the battle between Rauldac and Chezlar. Many, as did Silkwood, sent forth a call through the gateway, to chylder on other worlds to come forward and renew their bond with the Clan.

Shalimar did not hesitate, and her reward was to rebuild and run the vast Fashion empire belonging to the Ventrue in the grand city of Amar'Anthin . Renaming the fashion house .... Shalimar's .... she worked day and night, often modeling the creations of the House of Shalimar. She soon prospered, claiming among her elite clientelle, the Tari of A'Man, Tessa Vara Taure, with whom Shalimar struck a fast friendship.

They shared not only a love of fashion, decorum and elegance, but also a love of the water, and were often seen sailing the Bay of Dreams or bathing in the sparkling waterfalls of A'Man.

Outwardly, Shalimar is vivacious, and outgoing, yet she remains unattached.
While in the board room she is known to be brutal and exact with those in her employ.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Daryl Hannah