Character Details - Avathar Alcarin

Written by GalainLast Edited : 11-Sep-2007 7:06:46 pm

The son of Galain and Saya.

- Height: Six, two or so
- Weight or Build: lean and muscular
- Hair Colour: blond
- Eye Colour: blue (?) Have to check)
- Race: Elen
- Identifying Marks, if any: None

Avathar is a quiet person who appears surly to those who don't know him well. Given that he keeps mostly to himself, that would be everyone.

Avathar is also the host to a golden dragon self named Avatharnónaminaicëaryonnamórë. It is not usual for an Alcarin to share names with their dragon selves, but given how similar the two are in nature they delight in the confusion of sharing a name.

At this time his current whereabouts and state of being are unknown.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Paul Walker