Character Details - Nickola Knight

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Name: Nickola Knight
Age: 5,042
Corporeal Age: 38
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Origins: Britney, Terra

Pre Embrace Occupations:
 King's Guard.
 Knight Templar

Present Occupation:
 Protector of the Realm

Mate: none of significance
Love Interest: the incarnate soul of his beloved Rosalind

At the age of 20, and as a reward for service to the crown, Nickola was granted the hand of his long time love, Rosalind Navarre, Queen Isabella's third cousin, yet tragically, during their third year of marriage, Rosalind and their child, died in childbirth. Devastated, Nickola threw himself into his duties and joined the Templars, losing himself in foreign lands.

1314, Philip the Fair of France had issued orders to arrest all the Knights Templar who were increasingly at odds with monarchs, and much like his ancester, Suzanne, Nickola found himself accused of blasphemy, heresy, and illicit behaviour. His amassed wealth was confiscated, the order disbanded, and along with other high ranking lords within the effective military wing, Nickola faced being burned at the stake for crimes manufactured by His Majesty's greedy advisors.

Unbeknownst to Nickola, there was one whom kept a close watch, and as one of her final acts before leaving Terra for Gamier, did effect his escape and take him to her domain within the Mongolian empire where she was herself an honored guest of the Emperor Renzong of Yuan China .

Unfortunately, while journeying to the city of Yanjing, a pestilence of epidemic proportions swept the land. Nickola and most of Suzanne's human attendants were struck down. The Black Sickness soon proved fatal for most, it ravaged Nickola's body and mind to the point of death. Unwilling to give the last of her bloodline over to the endless sleep, Suzanne embraced Nickola.

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