Character Details - Dezmond Molaric

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 9:14:01 pm
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Age: 1549
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 202
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Black with blue flecks

Dezmond possesses extraordinary psychic powers and through hypnotic control can influence others, making it impossible to speak anything but the truth.  It is said that his eyes change color when delving into the mind of another.

Born clairvoyant with precognizant abilities he caught Rauldac’s attention while an adolescent and the boy’s family soon found themselves enslaved within Mavros Castle. Dezmonds parents proved of no more value than any other mortals affording them only the necessities need to remain strong and in service.  The boy on the other hand lived in the lap of luxury, was educated off world at the finest institutions and learned his trade from elite weapons masters.

Appointed by unanimous decision Dezmond is the Sagan Family Enforcer, his skill as Mesmerist proves to be as valuable as his abilities with sword, fire and the disciplined arts of combat.

His extremely active libido frequently takes him to the clubs of any world where he often entertains unsuspecting patrons with his mastery of illusion; or so they believe.  While in the cities  he has a tendency to masquerade as human when in their company, the reason appears mainly to be for his own amusement.

Even those within the Covens find him mysterious; he’s elusive, following his own agenda, often disappearing for days.  It became obvious to the ruling faction that he’d not tolerate any observation, for those previously assigned to keep him under watch, never returned.

At times he appears mild mannered, carefree and somewhat narcissistic, but he’s been known to explode in fits of rage, his violence often compared to that of the Master.

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Criss Angel