Character Details - Shanna Khor

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 9:07:14 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 10:09:29 pm Shanna Khor
Mate: King Hezlar Khor
of Inligh (Isle of the Myst).

Race: Changeling, DreamSinger

Age: 24 millennia
 Born of a Chieftan Clan, true.
Though status means little to a Dream Singer ...

Born siren, sequestered and educated among the High priestesses of Sha'Rippe, I had yet to taste the fruit of a ripening love, or experience the joining of two spirits in the mating dance until called to Inligh to assist Hezlar.  It was he, who brought me to full bloom, taking me as mate, blending as one being.

Physical Description:
Dreamers are pure energy, pale blue light and duel-toned melodic sound.
Dreamers are solitary, dwelling in remote and obscure frontiers.
Admittedly, the rumors are true of the Changlings of Sha'Rippe; The Dream Singers.
The males are Satyric by nature. The female, Sirens of Enchantment.

Our voice is a blending of high and low frequencies.

DreamSingers are empaths, telepaths, interpreters and weaver of dreams; who feed the spirit of musicians, direct the desires of the Fates, and aide the Messengers; the Takers and Givers of Life ... We may sooth, enliven or drive one to madness.

To call me a creature of light is redundant,  since being so young, I've barely mastered control of the energy which illuminates me.

Males avoid my Sapphire eyes, for they can hypnotize and befuddle the weak natured.
Though it is the warm penetrating essense of the Sha'Rippe female which wreaks havoc with others of our breed. During estrus, we emit a scent ... most intoxicating.

Like all Changling, I take forms other than humanoid ... One of which is unseen by all but another Changling. The other, is that of a Silver-blu dragon; hue changing according to the emotion governing me at the time.

Seldom do we act upon our own volition, for to do so is to be called before the Fates and taken to trial within the Hall of Judgement.

DreamSingers unravel the mysteries of your subconscious nocturnal wandering and influence the content of dreams, awake or sleeping.  We are messengers, guides, and it is said that we of Sha'Rippe are Kin to the Muse ... or are we?
We are as the flicker of a candle in the dark, the beam of sunlight through a thunder cloud.

And beings of magyck ... you ask ... ?

Is not there Magyck ... in all your dreams?

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