Character Details - CAINE

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 5:48:35 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 9:53:05 pm

Supreme Dark-Being,
Creator and ruler of Night,
Malevolent Spirit of evil, call me what you will,
but beware my wrath.

ALEXIA awakens to a new
 era, take no comfort in
this for with joy comes
 its twin; sorrow, and
 for every moment of
 happiness; infinite pain.

Believe not the parables of my origins, for they are the translations of Earthlings, stories of theological speculation and myth. They speak of the earthly face and form of a being who personified the first evil. I deny not this creature of mankind, for I have taken residence in numerous forms throughout the universal expanse.

The truth lies in facts;
Darkness lay across the universe before the first light, evil was born a twin to good, and until the last flicker of hope dies, the battle for supremacy will continue.

Harken my chylder for the Father will walk among you once more.
 The face I choose is pleasant to behold, my demeanor often enticing, inviting. Dance your dance and sing your songs, for I take note of all you do. In many I am well pleased; of others … they shall know my true face.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

AL Pacino