Character Details - Shane SkyWalker

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Name: Shane Skywalker
Race: Humanoid, Transmutant
Age: 4,266
..human: 24
..Altered human: 200

Human Physical Description:
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220
Lean and well muscled
Eyes: Sienna Brown
Hair: Mohagany,
worn waist or shoulder length

Mutant: Saber-toothed Panther

Brief Chronological History:

I was born human, of an ancient Terra race; the A'Heho, nomads of the plains.
Once I was a High Warrior of an Elite Society, skilled in combat and regarded supreme for the gifts granted me by the Great Spirit.
I am SkinWalker, a Shapeshifter; gifts that my beloved Ranara assured I retained when she took me to her heart.

Alexia - Book One

Once I was Vampire, my life taken by an enchanting creature who left me withering in my rebirth with only instinct to make me fight for survival. A solitary creature of the night I wandered the lands of my ancestors for several years, feeding upon those foolish enough to ignore the stories of my existance until fate placed me in the path of an Abomination, a beast of awesome power.

RAULDAC took me into his keeping, more his slave, making me the enforcer of his will: henchman, slayer. Over 4,000 years I served the Dark Master, doing his bidding without question.

Until ... I laid sight on a glorious creature, a vision that opened my eyes to the world in which I suffered servitude.  She looked into my soul and found the Warrior the Creator meant me to be. She saw the man I once was, touched my heart most profoundly and gave me love, despite myself.

Ranara Khor is the light in my world of darkness, a light so warm and radiant that it burned through the steel of my heart and made me want to live again.

Alexia - Book Two

Blessed was the day she conscented to take me as her mate,  a day I cried with happiness and opened my heart telling her my secret ... a desire to be human once more ... and return to the world of my people.

No Greater gift could I have received.

She is the song of my heart, and makes my spirit sing.

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