Character Details - Salvatore deLuka

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"State Your Business!
Be ye Friend or Foe?

Once the Black Knight of Valone, I head the Imperial Guard of the Familia Giovanni

Two thousand years have I protected the Giovanni Empire, and I give no quarter.

Many battles have I won, even unto an attack by a disillusioned Angel.
One of my fondest memories was to do combat with the Dark Lord, Rauldac. It was a battle lasting several days, ending only upon mutual agreement to draw.

Ventrue or Gangrel, Elf, Angel or Giant, I fear none.

My weapons of choice are the Phosphorous Load Handgun adapted from an ancient Earth weapon, and my hunter's blade of radiated silver, which, when strategically imbedded, will either kill, or send a yearling vampire into Torpor for a century.

Like all members of the Familia Giovanni,
Salvatore deLuKa possesses an evaluated
intelligence, though somewhat twisted.
He too is a necromancer, skilled in the use
of accessing his prey's mental and magical
 strengths, thus weakening their resistance.

Taken under the tutorage of Don Vincenzio
Giovanni at the mortal age of 16, Salvatore
 studied the ancient scrolls, mastered the
 arts of war and defense, and though
embraced into the fold when he reached
 two and thirty years of mortal age,
continues to gather knowledge of each
advancement, whether weapon,
physical combat, or technology. ... my Anastalia ...

My beautiful renegade Gangrelf.

It was her independent nature
that caught my attention, her
fierce resistance to the Master
of the Gangrel Clan.

No one was more taken back
than I by the awakening of
emotion within this chest.
She takes my breath away.

I will do all within my power
to win my Anastalia's heart ...

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