Character Details - Remington Bellatar

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Having traveled far from his Father's house, the young Prince discovered the lifestyle of the regional gypsy clans much to his likeing. Through their tutorage he learned to judge a man by his deeds rather than wealth, a woman by what he saw in her eyes rather than the sweet words from her lips.

Remington's days among the nomads were numbered for it was when they venture into the metropolis of Carabath that his steps took another path ... the path of the heart.
The Fates, with their cruel humor, allowed the youth but a glimpse of what love might be.

She was the youngest daughter of a horse herder, beautiful, and from the moment he saw her he knew his life would never be the same.

 He could not have known the outcome of a romantic moonlight walk along the riverband, nor of the creature who would first ravage the life of his beloved, and then tear into his throat.

By the time he came to his senses he was far from his gypsy friends, and even farther from redemption.

Brujah though his master may have been by blood, he was also an outcast from the clan, a vile being that even the lowest order could not abide.

No being could have despised themself more, nor prayed so hard for death, seeking it daily. How Remi managed to endure the three decades prior to being found by an Ancient Toreador: Travis da Darkstar, Remington himself could not begin to explain. He displayed the most marked behavioral symptoms of vampirism and none of the grace, a scavenger among the forgotten and hopeless ... yet the wisdom of his ancient benefactor made short work in teaching him the ways of the Vampyre, and intoduced him to an existance which even few among the Dark Ones enjoy.

Remington learned his lessons well under the wing of the Toreador, and for over a century they dwelled as brothers. Travis waited until the mindset of his foundling was free of his nightmare past, then sent him on to the Brujah Prince who ruled wisely over a newly discovered land across the seas from plague ravaged Europe.

This is the brief history of Remington Bellatar, and an explanation of why ... the Brujah, who on Earth are in constant feud with the Clan Toreador, are allied to the same on Alexia,
And why...He pledges his sword-arm to serve as requested.

He is known as The Chameleon, Empath and Shapeshifter,  appointed Conclave Executor several centuries past.

He has been a warrior, Queens Guard, Sgt at Arms, and contrary to the reputation of the Brujah, as non-conformists and rebels, He won fame when  appointed one of the Elite Guardians of the Realm.

Primogen of the Clan Brujah, it is through him that the Brujah are allied to Queen Suzanne Knight.

His appearance changes, depending upon his assignment, or pursuit, and though he met his mortal death at the age of two and twenty, he can appear far older than his corporeal years.  An asset which comes in quite handy in his present position of Executor to the High Council of the A'vehen Conclave, and the Queen.

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