Character Details - Faith Hawking

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Toreador blood runs hot when aroused, and even dormant, it won't let you forget the nature of the beast within. One can not blame her ... wondering, whether NiteWings will return to her side.
He’s been absent far too long and her concerns are valid with the Vampire Wars raging on the Water Planet.

She is Toreador ... Faithful to ONE: And her love for NiteWings will not be easily pushed aside.
No matter how great the need for fulfillment.


NiteWings Hawking: Protector to the Realm of Gamier
Bodyguard to the King: Ravnhawk Ryhan and
Queen Suzanne Dravn Knight

For eight centuries, this line of the Hawking family had been in service to  Ryhan Dynasty.

NiteWings Hawking was not immortal at that time, but being the first born male heir of the Hawking line he was given the gift of longevity through an ancient Blood Ritual.

When NiteWings reached his 150th year, with 4 score more promised, he  at last married Faith Byron, the blood niece to Ravnhawk.

Shortly before the birth of their first born son, King Ravnhawk abdicated, as was foretold by prophecy, appointing his Queen, Suzanne Dravn Knight as Regent to the awaited boy child, Dravn.

It was on the eve of the infant's arrival that Rauldac chose to put an end to the Prophecy and kill not only NiteWings and the unborn child, but embrace Faith into the Gangrel Clan: A vengeful act perpetrated for many reasons.

His dastardly plan was interrupted by the intervention of Ranak Darkstar, son of Ranara Khor and nephew of Chezlar Khor.
Discovering Faith's heart barely beat Ranak immediately brought her to her home, barely in time, for her body went into seizures of childbirth. 


Toreador Archon: Lord Travis da Darkstar,
 Dark Angel and first chylder of the Creator Armani.

Ravnhawk would not allow NiteWings to slip away. He embraced his lifelong friend and protector, just as they heard the first weakening screams of labor assault Faith. Neither she nor the infant would have survived the ordeal had Travis not gathered the dying Faith into his arms, opened his wrist and forced her to feed upon his potent ancient blood.  Blood which sustained Faith and made her immortal but also altered the infant's human DNA, fulfilling the prophecy of the One True King.

Travis da Darkstar is her Sire, with legitimate claim to her mind body and soul, yet he's made no demands,  despite the absence of NiteWings.

Legend comes alive as History repeats itself:
Then there is Lancelot du Lac, a man that haunts Faith's soul, brings forth hazy images of a past life, and with NiteWing's half-century absense serving the One True King Dravn on Terre, Faith has found her heart and spirit drawing closer to this noble man, and her dreams becoming clearer than her waking hours.

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