Character Details - Travis da Darkstar

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 5:24:22 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 10:11:44 pm walk the darkness,
In shadows, alone,
allowing few to touch
the me that was.

All that is done by me
is done with Passion.

I am Immortal,
Dark Angel,
Ancient Vampyre.



Faith Hawking is my chylder, blood of my blood, the life of my soul.
Love profound causes this heart to keep a steady cadence though out the day, yet her nearness brings about a change comparable to the raging sea surf crashing upon the shore.

It is a battle that weakens the heart, yet strengthens the will, and it is Honor that causes me to remain silent, even when the rival for her affections is so very near ... and of her distant past.

In Lance du Lac I see this same fierceness of heart, yet rather than wish harm upon him, my respect grows with each encounter. And ... when I allow myself to admit it, I know that the love he and my Chylder briefly shared in the past will easily burst to full bloom once Faith mourns and accepts NiteWings fate.

The history between the Tremere; Mai, and Travis is complicated at best; she stepped out of his life centuries ago, perhaps, sensing that his heart belonged elsewhere.

Men, mortal or immortal, needed time and space to realize the truth of their heart, what was possible, and what was not. Such a time seemed to have come for Travis now in the realization that Faith could never be his.

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Antonio Banderas