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Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 5:19:36 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 9:49:05 pm

My existence began at the side of the Creator, outside the realms of both time and space.

 I cannot say such was either bliss or torment,
 (who but one of the Host could understand)
 only that it did not last.

 I was removed from The Presence for not exclusively loving The One…

I had also found a deep love for one of the created, and for that I was condemned.

 Thus came my expulsion from heaven, and I began the descent to my current state.

In a bold act of rebellion, or perhaps childishly out of loneliness, I emulated God and sinned my worst.

 I created Alexia!

 Although an idyllic place, my creation was no Eden.

 Whether from my own imperfect being, or just my anger and dejected morale, my creation included entrances from the Underworld and many creatures with vile aspects.

 Alexia soon became my personal hell, a reminder of my Sins.

 I will not presume myself different, for suffice it to say,  I ran from those reminders...and found new Sins in abundance.

But also found new love!

I became tied eventually to a place called Earth, when lured and entrapped by the Demon Caine.
 I was made vampyre and tied to a Master I could never abide ... yet must obey … another that I eventually defy!

 On this planet I find also the one love that will touch my undead heart, as it had not since my initial fall from grace.

One falsely accused of witchcraft,

 My Sweet Suzanne.

 As our love burgeons, the  Master I loathe calls me away and thus  M’Love finds another to fulfill her.

 But when the Lady Suzanne tragically loses her mate, she plans her own destruction and walks into the fire, which I, as her Sire and former Love, cannot allow!

My love for my Little Witch, the Lady Suzanne Knight, leads me once again to my Alexia, the one place where I might finally and fully watch over M’Love, and protect her as she heals and grows strong once more.

Safe except from ourselves …

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