Character Details - Rauldac Sagan

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Age: Unknown Millions
Born of the primordial ooze following the Precambrian Period of Terra's formation.

He is a divine balancing power of nature emanating from the Supreme Being and has played various roles throughout the history of the universe, eternally the embodied spirit of evil and an antagonistic adversary of the Gods; tempter of mankind; master of darkness.

Physical Description:

Over Eons, he's taken various forms:

Djinn: When he inhabited Terra in ancient times and influenced mankind by appearing in the form of human and at times, Reptile.

Daemon: A cruel and inhuman being of evil intent. A grotesque creature with voracious appetites, blood, flesh and manipulation. 

Vampire: Another facet of his being, yet one thrust upon him during a period of weakness. Ironically, it is the form he most favors and has maintained over the past 50,000 years.

Humanoid Appearance:

Height:  6'8
Weight:  275lb
Physique: Slim hipped, broad muscular chest, large hand, feet and proportionately endowed.
Hair: straight to wavy, coal black, waist length.
Eyes: Jade Green which shine like chrome and have a tendency to blaze blood red or jet black marble when in frenzy.

When the 'Powers That Be' breathed life throughout the Universe, that Life gave birth to more than Angels, for there can be no Light without Darkness.

From the dark bowels of the abyss came creatures most foul, with empty hearts as black and cold as death. Souless creatures with but one goal: To rule that which the Gods held most dear, most cherished, most loved.

Thrice damned, RAULDAC is such a being.

For centuries he was believed destroyed.

Never! For he is the chylde of darkness, the glorious Lord of the Netherworld.
His origins remain a mystery to all but the Gods who created him.

No thought is beyond his knowledge, no dream held secret. He knows your lies, your needs, your fears and your deepest desire.  He knows and can grant or destroy all your heart desires and cherishes.  Beware, for his tenderness can leave you in terror, his kiss: your destruction.

With RAULDAC ... Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.
He is a Master of Deception,
with but one weakness,
and one Equal.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Peter Steele