Character Details - Matthew Becker

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Matthew Damon Becker
about 180 lbs
Short black hair, hazel eyes
Age: 35

Matt Becker is, or has been, a professor in Botany and Xenobiology at the TIF Academy in San Francisco. A general restlessness of temperament and disciplinary action over an incident with a female student have recently combined to push him to take a new teaching position as a private tutor.

Matt is and always has been a civilian: he has no military training and no inclination to it. Or anything else that requires much discipline. He is warm and engaging, sardonic, sarcastic, teasing, and inclined to get himself into trouble just to see what might happen. All but the most sensitive of his students like him, mostly because of his youth, his readiness to listen, and his sense of humour.

In his spare time, when he's not drinking and dancing, he jogs, works out, and does yoga - he's a screaming metrosexual who's very conscious of looking after his physical appearance.

He has one serious relationship in his past, a five-year affair with Andy Dodds, who was five years his junior. On the face of it, it ended well and because of conflicting career choices, but Andy always felt Matt could have made a different choice and didn't care enough to.

Matt was born in Montreal and speaks fluent French. He is an only child whose mother is a web developer and whose father is a retired model who now works as a fashion designer. Matt bartended his way to a PhD in Ethnobotany (the study of the relationship between plants and people), then spent five years working in a Canadian government lab developing new grain crops before shifting to teaching.

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