Character Details - Lianna The Dark Bard

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Dark Elf

Specific heritage unknown as Lianna is an orphan.

Nomadic Bard



*Name: Lianna The Dark Bard

*Race: Dark Elf
*Age: 131

*Height: 4'6"
*Build/Weight: Slender, athletic build
*Hair: Waist length, slightly wavey, raven black hair highlighted with midnight blue
*Eyes: Green
Complexion: grayish-blue skin
*Identifying Marks (if present): Tattoo of dragon stretches the length of her right leg...the head being on the thigh...the tail winding down the ankle.
Clothing: Gauzy white linen gown, black leather knee boots, belt, deep azure hooded, full length cape.
Personal Items usually carried: Within her satchel she carries: a brush, hand mirror, silver flask (usually full), tinder box, lock picks, a change of clothing, a worn lute (several spare strings)and some herbs. As far as weapons are her waist hangs a sheathed, wooden-handled stiletto whose blade reaches a little over 8 inches long.

Personal Information:
*Personality: She is a gentle creature whose intelligence is matched by her passion. Her quick wit, and sense of pride keep her at an arm's length from any deep emotional commitments.
*Occupation: Nomadic Bard
*Skills and Abilities: Music, prose, story-telling, dance, self-defense, survival

*Magic and/or magic-like abilities: True Bardic skills

Persuade/Influence (due to high charisma can change judgements/opinions temporarily), Enlighten/Inspire (with music or prose can inspire: bravery, faith, hope, and happiness....also can work in reverse inspire: cowardace, faithlessness, hopelessness and sadness), Raise Moral (with stunning orations can raise moral before a "tricky" situation) and Hypnotise/mezmorize (when telling stories the inflections in her voice can stimulate the crowd to focus entirely on her, temporary...only works for as long as the story is told)

*Weapons Used: stiletto and her mind

Background Information:
*History: Orphaned as an infant, found and raised by monks.
*Marital Status: never
*Children: none
*Bonds: none

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