Character Details - Gingersnap Mooncat

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Physical Description:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Curious and outgoing, tending towards overconfidence and creative bravado.
*Occupation: Defender vs. Dustbunnies, Adventurer, Pooka
*Skills and Abilities: Acrobatics, Magic, Swordsmanship, Tracking, Hunting, Riding, Tale-telling, Singing, Lockpicking, Escape, Dancing, ...... all at various levels of skill.
*Weapons Used: Rapier, Dagger, Knife, Claws, Blunderbuss, Ukelele, Tail, Teeth

Background Information:
*History: See Below
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: N/A
*Bonds: N/A

Gingersnap Mooncat is the physical son of the feline goddess of the moon, Seline Lunaria, and the first cat Pooka, Cheshire. He grew up mostly on his own, his mother being busy as a goddess, and his father vanishing for extended periods of time. Gingersnap has many skills - though he’s not always very good at what he knows how to do - and many tales of how, when, where, and why he learned them. Among his larger possessions, he has a working Model T Ford, complete with bullet holes from several calibers of guns. He usually doesn’t bring the car with him on his adventures unless he’s going when and where cars are known. He can pass for human or elf when he remembers to transform. His animal form is a large, pale orange housecat with orange and silver stripes, and golden eyes. His human or elven form has feline features, pale orange hair with orange and silver highlights, golden cat eyes, retractable claws, and pointed cat-like ears, Gingersnap is a small male with a lithe build.

Pooka are incarnated animal spirits, appearing most often as a mixture of animal and humanoid or elven forms. They are capable of transforming fully into their animal form or their human/elven form, but only when totally unobserved. Pooka speak a variation of common, as well as "Pooka-ese"(a form of double-speak and innuendo, where the truth lies hidden in plain view), Arcadian Fae, their animal-form’s language, and a smattering of other languages depending on individual experiences. All Pooka have a curse; no Pooka can freely tell an unvarnished truth. To tell a bold-faced truth requires a feat of supreme will, only attempted when the Pooka in question believes it is an absolute necessity. Like all Arcadian Fae, Pooka believe in romance, chivalry, honor, ........... and fun. Mostly fun. Pooka do not seem to take anything seriously, however, those who know them well know their outward frivolity hides powerful, deeply held passions. Pooka are usually seen as the pranksters among Arcadian Fae.

Gingersnap travels from world to world, time period to time period via the Silver Trods, ancient pathways created to connect the mortal worlds with the realm of Arcadia to allow the Fae to travel freely among them. The region between the two ends of any given Silver Trod is chaotic and fraught with unknown dangers - but as long as travelers remain on the Trod, they are protected. Arcadia itself lies hidden deep within the realms of mortal dreams, shielded from all but the most ardent questers.

One of Gingersnap’s physical weaknesses is a deadly allergy to cold-wrought iron. All Pooka, indeed, all of this type of Fae, suffer from this allergy, save a very rare few who are immune to it. Cold-wrought iron permanently kills any Arcadian Fae (sometimes called Changeling Fae), destroying their immortal spirits and preventing any possible reincarnation. Only those who have an in-born tolerance to cold-wrought iron can survive it - though even they will become deathly ill from it. Any other weapon may kill the physical form of an Arcadian Fae, but such a "death" is only temporary, as the spirit will soon re-incarnate, complete with memories and identity. Note that it requires more than merely presenting cold-wrought iron to an Arcadian Fae; it must be wielded as a weapon and strike what would be a physically lethal blow. Physical contact with cold-wrought iron causes burns, and extended contact can cause an illness similar to radiation sickness. However, any magic cast upon or imbued in the cold-wrought iron will negate its deadly effects, allowing the Arcadian Fae spirit to survive, even if the physical form does not.

Arcadian Fae draw their magic, physical appearances, culture, and society from the dreams and nightmares of mortal beings - which explains their interest in mortals, but raises questions about the evolution of Arcadian Fae. They have several stories about their origins, at least one for each branch of Arcadian Fae (of which there are twenty or more variations), all having a few points in common. The major commonality is a reference to the beings that created or gave birth to the first Arcadians - the first of each variant type. The Pooka share a kinship with animals, as do the Selkies, and the Ghuillie-Dhu share a kinship with plants and natural wilderness areas. Some Arcadian Fae variations draw more of themselves from the nightmares of mortals, giving them more sinister aspects than others. All Arcadian Fae thrive in places where mortals dream and allow their imaginations to soar. They suffer where creativity is denied and dreams are crushed, nullifying the energies that allow Arcadian Fae to exist.

Harkening back to their origins, the Arcadian Fae tend to display seasonal personality traits. In the spring and summer, they tend to be more relaxed and light-hearted (Seelie); in the fall and winter, they tend to be more temperamental and cruel (Unseelie). Imagine a race of magical manic-depressives with annual mood-swing cycles. Further reflection of their origins show up in their life cycles: each begins as a Childer, and over time - perhaps only a year, perhaps generations - becomes a Wilder, then eventually, a Grump, before finally fading away into the Mists to forget and be forgotten, eventually re-incarnating anew - this time, as a blank slate. Any "death" before they fade into the Mists results in re-incarnation with their personalities and memories intact. Gingersnap is on the verge of leaving his Childerhood, on the crux of becoming a Wilder. Certain Arcadian Fae are Seelie or Unseelie year-round; the seasonal personality-shifts only heighten or reduce this.

During his life, Gingersnap has discovered several interesting abilities. Some, he has inherited from his moon-goddess mother; others are from his legendary father, Cheshire, first Pooka cat. He has learned that he can become like a shadow, or turn into a shaft of moonlight when in darkness or shadows. Usually, these forms still have the feline-like shape that is his natural form, but they can have the shape of his human or elven form as well. He can also fade from view, leaving only a disembodied, wide smile floating in mid-air - before it too vanishes - and can likewise fade into view, as well. Gingersnap can also find hidden, closed, or lost Silver Trods - and can open them at will. This allows him to travel freely, leading him into many wild adventures.

Gingersnap easily slips from bipedal to quadrupedal mode, no matter his form at the time. His natural form is somewhere between feline and humanoid, permitting him to wear clothing if he so chooses. His usual garb is baggy, knee-length shorts with lots of pockets, an over-sized silk t-shirt, sunglasses, baggy, over-sized leather overcoat, fingerless gloves, and open-toed high-top sneakers. A paua shell choker hangs loosely around his neck, with a metal tag and bell dangling from it. The tag is heavily engraved with an intricate twining design that hides strange lettering.

Being a Pooka, Gingersnap rarely gives a straight answer - and those usually seem to have nothing to do with the questions asked. Sometimes, he seems to speak in opposites, while at others, he twists things around in confusing ways. When he tells a tale, it usually contains several hidden meanings - appropriate to the situation at hand. Deciphering his true meanings can be a challenge, usually worthwhile as Pooka are great listeners and thus often learn surprising amounts of information without seeming to. They have a way of coaxing others to confide in them - and since few take Pooka seriously, most think nothing of saying anything when one is around.

When it comes to fighting, Gingersnap’s bravado places him in the forefront of the conflict. He hates killing thinking creatures, but won’t hesitate to defend himself or those around him. Graceful and lithe, he often strikes several times before his opponent(s) get a chance to strike him, dodging and leaping, often tricking opponents into striking each other. Lacking in physical strength due to his small size, Gingersnap focuses on accuracy and speed, turning what others might view as a disadvantage into an advantage.

Strange things tend to occur around Gingersnap, from reality-warping to unusual items inexplicably appearing from nowhere. He has also learned to put this to best use, sometimes succeeding in making desired things appear or altering reality in small but useful ways.

*Name: Gingersnap Mooncat
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Pooka Mooncat
*Age: Questionable
Apparent Age (if different): Pre-teen
*Height: 2' 10"
*Build/Weight: Lithe @ 32 lb.s
*Hair: Pale orange, like orange juice w/milk in it, with slightly darker orange & silvery white stripes
*Eyes: Golden cat eyes
Complexion: Furred
*Identifying Marks (if present): Feline features overall, with tail and paw-like feet and hands, whiskers
Clothing: Varies
Personal Items usually carried: Bag of Holding with various items
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image of a pampas cat