Character Details - Belial

Written by FoalanCreated : 6-Aug-2006 2:48:38 pm
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*Name: Belial
Meaning of Name: without a master
*Race: Anaisi
*Age: timeless
Apparent Age (if different): 26
*Height: 6'2
*Build/Weight: 220
*Hair: black
*Eyes: pure white, unless he's hiding them in which case they're brown
Complexion: pale
*Identifying Marks (if present): Anaisi emblem over his heart usually hidden, black feather wings
Clothing: leather, chains and anything that hugs.
Personal Items usually carried: various knives

Personal Information:
*Personality: sadistic to the core, Belial loves what he does. Thrives on it the same way his twin thrives on pleasure. Where Anael seeks out those hurt to heal, Belial seeks out those who are happy and wholesome to cause pain. He's as much masochist as he is sadist, but in the end he'd rather be the one in charge. Screams are his aphrodisiac, pain his calling.
*Occupation: Pain
*Skills and Abilities: flight with wings, shapeshifting, the ability to affect the nerves in ones' body and cause pure blinding pain with a single touch. Basic fighting ability. Exceptional strength and speed.
*Weapons Used: usually his claws when he wants a personal touch, but he can use knives and swords when necessary

Background Information:
*History: The exact opposite of Anael, he is his perfect twin, the mirror to pleasure, he is pain in all it's glory. He thrives on the tears and screams of those around him and is more than a little insane.
*Marital Status: none
*Children: none
*Blood or Soul Bonds: none
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