Character Details - Elektra Corvinus

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Name: Elektra Corvinus (pron: e-LEKT-ra)
Meaning: Amber Raven
Race: Solitarian
Hair: Black, usually scraped back in a tight ponytail. When loose it can be seen to have deep blue highlights.
Eyes: Jet Black, with an opalescent quality that makes them seem to contain fiery sparks of a contrasting colour to the iris, usually blues and greens.
Complexion: Bronze
Height: 5' 7"
Build: Slim but athletic
Identifying Marks: Omega symbol tattooed in black above her breasts. Omega symbol with trident-like points on top also tattooed in black on right cheek. Silver stud piercing below lower lip.
Clothing: Favours sleeveless black leather top, belted at waist, with some corseting. A cropped long-sleeved black leather jacket is typically worn over the top, with black leather trousers and boots. A black leather collar or choker set with steel studs is worn around her neck.

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: Elektra is a skilled practitioner of a native form of martial arts similar to Capoeira of Terran Brazil, which focuses on attacking with kicks, sweeps, and head strikes, as well as defensive trickery and evasion. She also possesses an ability known as Farsight. This is akin to mental telepathy, but rather than thoughts it is images of her surroundings that she can detect. These images come from a range far outside that of her normal vision and appear in her mind almost like a negative image, other lifeforms outlined with red or hot white 'auras'. An other trait that is sometimes seen is a 'mental punch' that is capable of throwing someone or something backwards with great force. This latter is often only seen during times of great stress, and it has been suggested that it requires the adrenaline of fear or anger to provide the stimulus that triggers the ability. Like all Solitarians, she possesses keen senses of hearing, sight, smell and touch in comparison to many other races. Her reflexes are quick, and she possesses great strength and agility.

Weapons Used:

Other Information: A native of the Plane of Solitas, Elektra is a member of the Pythias tribe from the former city of Chrestelia. Like all members of her race, Elektra is immune to almost all forms of natural disease and even many magical forms.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Dania Ramirez as Callisto in X3