Character Details - Jellhi Riker

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Name: Jellhi Amanda Riker

Meaning of Name: Joy of Autumn Frost

Race: Modified Terran Human

Age: 1140s

Apparent Age: Early thirties

Height: 5'11"

Build/Weight: Gaunt, slight muscle, very little body fat. About 55kg/120lbs

Hair: Long, blonde, straight

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Pale

Clothing: Tight trousers and tops.

Jellhi is not a pleasant person, but nor is she 'evil'. She's endured a lot of suffering in her life, and lacks the imagination, resources, or will to extract herself, preferring to blame others for everything that happens to her.

She is self-centred in the extreme, and therefore selfish. She has a massive sense of entitlement and injustice, and no compunction about trying to 'put that right' by making other people suffer. This comes from a desperate need to make what has happened to her make sense, rather than having been the victim of random cruelty.

Hurting others - physically, mentally or emotionally - dulls her own pain and acts as a distraction. She is without friends or family, job, or any positive stimulus that might put her on a more constructive path.

Skills and Abilities:
Since her time in a dubious medical facility after Talisman of Time, Jellhi has been infected by nanites - tiny self-replicating robots that live in her bloodstream. She was deliberately infected while comatose as part of an experimental procedure. The nanites healed the physical damage that had been done to her, but not the mental.

They give her the ability to heal injuries at an extremely rapid rate, but they don't make her invulnerable. She can still bleed to death from severe enough trauma, and decapitation or dismemberment would certainly kill her. Soft tissue injury, however - deep cuts, severe bruising - heal fast enough to see it happening.

Jellhi is a competant unarmed fighter made more terrifying by her total lack of fear or compunction about causing or suffering injury.


Jellhi is the daughter of Collaine Terrano and Wilhem Riker, and the older sister of Ghetsuhm Riker. As a child, her family travelled around a lot in the colonies. She was a fairly happy and self-sufficient child, but as she entered her teens, she became jealous of their father's close relationship with Ghet, and obsessive about her father's brother Tom. Her discovery of her mother's long-term affair with Tom upset her so much that at eighteen she ran away from home, persuading her sister to go with her.

She and Ghet lived on the streets for about six months. After this time, a man who was obsessed with Jellhi kidnapped Ghet, and made her lure Jellhi to his appartment, where she was raped and brutalised for hours before Ghet escaped and went for help. Jellhi is unaware that Ghet was herself beaten and raped to force her to do this, and blames her entirely for the experience. This teamed with Ghet's guilt set up a pattern of behaviour where Jellhi repeatedly got herself into trouble and Ghet bailed her out.

Tensions between the two sisters were further inflamed in their early thirties when they both went after the Talisman of Time. Jellhi slept with Chase, who was to become Ghet's first husband. The Talisman refused Jellhi and chose Ghet, and Jellhi was badly injured. Ghet had her put in a medical facility, her injuries too severe for her to be taken out of stasis, and left her there, paying for her treatment but never visiting.

After several centuries of being subject to experimentation and abuse by unscrupulous medical directors, the nanites she'd been infected with allowed Jellhi to wake and escape, after brutally killing her latest tormentor. She made her way to Berelath and met Galain's son Avathar, with whom she had an affair. During Cross Over, Jellhi and Avathar were given Ghet, whom they tortured and raped before Y'Roden rescued her. They fled him, and disappeared.

Jellhi has since been taken by Vesta, one of the Fabioni, who has removed her memories of the events of Cross Over. Jellhi is now unaware of having already taken her revenge on Ghet, and is once again obsessed with making her pay for what she has suffered.

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