Character Details - Kara 'Little' Havenlock & Argon

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Name: Kara 'Little' Havenlock

Height: 5’4”

Build: Slim but athletic

Hair: Long, Light Brunete. Wind blown most of the time

Eyes: Brown, with flakes of gold

Weight: 115

Age: 3217 Looks 25

Race: Forest Elf

Occupation: Healer/Warrior

Identifying Marks: A small scar on her left palm.

Possessions/Weapons: A worn leather pouch, the long strap is always worn over her right shoulder with the pouch resting on her left hip. It holds all her herbs and salves for healing. She carries an old staff given to her by an old Wizard she saved. It holds magic that she has never tried to use, instead she uses it as a quarterstaff. In her right boot is a small dagger she keeps hidden. She uses it to cut bandages, meat, and anyone that touches her wrong.

Personality: Her general personality is quite friendly. She’s always seen smiling. She has a good bedside manner, with a soft touch when it comes to her healing. She has a temper when threatened or being treated as a child. Once she becomes friends with you, it’s hard to keep her mouth shut. She is innocent...but has so many questions...

Marital Status: Just Married. She has only been bedded once before, by a young man by the name of Glory while on a quest. *Tapastry* Though they never bonded, to this day they remain friends. After a time she went to Whispin, to see the different plants and herbs that grew there, hoping she could replant them on her world.

She was not expecting to help save a number of people caused by a deadly sickness. *During SE*

Soon after that she became a nanny for Cullen, the captain of the guards in Corin, and his two children. Over a period of time she's fallen in love with her Captain, Cullen Havenlock. He in turned asked for her hand in, and placed a tiger stone ring on her finger.

After the lose of his children during a freak accident, she was brought to Corin by Cullen to be wed. King Valin spoke over them in a private ceramony.

They are expecting their first child soon.

Childhood: Kara was born in the Rosataure Jungle, where her Father, Travis Little, a forest elf and Ranger lived with her mother, Elaine. She was the area’s healer, an herbalist, who grew what herbs were needed to heal the surrounding tribes, for they feared magic, saying only the true gods held and used magic. Kara was taught at an early age what herbs could cure, what herbs could kill.

Family: Her parents were killed when a band of outlaws came to their home. Their leader was badly hurt. They demanded that Elaine heal him, but he had lost too much blood, dying in her hands before she had the chance to save him. The men went crazy, killing Travis, taking turns raping Elaine and finally killing her. Then they burned the house down around them.

Her mother had placed Kara in a shed out back as the men rode up. There she placed Argon, a white tiger that Kara’s father had brought home as a cub. She cut Argons paw, and Kara’s palm, forever bonding them by blood. She also gave Argon the speech of man, so Kara would have someone to talk too. She was a young child at that time.

Relationships: The only true relationship she has ever had has been with Argon. He was a cub when Travis, Kara’s father brought him home, knowing he would never survive the jungle, due to his white and black striped fur. Argon and Kara soon became inseparable; the tiger was always by Kara’s side. He had saved her once, when she went to gather eggs from the chickens. A Grass viper had slithered out from the jungles edge. Seeing Kara it drew back to strike, but Argon pushed her back, before grabbing the snake. He killed it, but in doing so, he was bitten. Thinking that he had attacked Kara, her father was going to kill him until Kara came to show them the snake. From that day forth her parents decided that Argon would be Kara’s guardian.

When the men came, they were placed in a small shed out back, where her mother placed a bond of blood upon them, telling Argon that if anything happened, he would forever be her guardian. After Kara’s parents were killed, he took her deep into the jungle, carrying her on his back. Her only possession was her mothers worn leather pouch that she used to collect herbs in.

Later in life Argon found the men that killed Kara's parents. She poisoned them one at a time, paralyzing them so they could watch themselves being torn in two by Argon’s massive claws.

None survived!

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