Character Details - Mistral

Written by SilverthornCreated : 27-Jul-2006 5:46:22 am
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Name: Mistral (pron: mi-sträl)
Meaning: Wind
Race: Light Fae
Hair: Teal green with silver streaks, usually worn long and loose
Eyes: Teal Green
Complexion: Pale, with a green-ish cast
Height: 8" in fae form, 5' 00" in 'elven'
Build: Delicate
Wings: Like a Terran butterfly, the fae of Elemmiire have four wings, two forewings and two hindwings. Visible only in fae form, Mistral's are an iridescent shade of teal green.
Identifying Marks: Left ear pierced both at lobe and near tip. Often wears an amber stud in the lobe connected to a thin gold chain which runs up to the piercing near the tip.
Clothing: Favours simple shifts woven from spider silk and coloured with natural dyes made from berries and minerals.

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: Skilled with air magics, particularly as they relate to winds and the weather, as well as illusions. Also possesses minor healing abilities. Able to become elven in appearance.

Weapons Used:

Other Information: Born in the Whispering Woods which border the Aarataure proper, Mistral can be slightly mischievious at times, but is not malicious.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars: