Character Details - Tyndal Slayden

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Name: Tyndal Slayden
Age: 348 Aerdonian years, and appears in her early twenties
Height: Barely 5' 5"
Eye color: Pale hazel, usually seem grey
Hair: Curley blonde
Build: Medium build, and Tydnal is NOT built a warrior or athlete, she is a lady of a royal family, and is more suited to embroidery than battle. She has a soft feel, feminine feel when touched and is elegant and graceful for a Human.
Family: Tyndal is the only, and younger, sister of Iod Slayden, the former Konen (King) of the Ruauldnahm - the Human lands of Nehlmere.

History: Tyndal's history is still unfolding at Seed of Wrath, a tale of the Diirlathe. She is, however, falling in love with her childhood friend and partner in crime, Reiss Darumril, the young Ritor of Noveress. The emotion is somewhat bitter-sweet in that she may or may not be allowed to someday marry him, as tradition in the Human lands holds that her guardian, Iod, has the right to choose her husband regardless of her desires. While she loves Iod and the siblings share a close, comfortable relationship, she knows ultimately he would seek an older, more experienced Ritor or more likely after Seed, an older Ritoriim to marry his only sister to as Reiss is still young and in control of one of the highest producing realms in the Ruauldnahm. His control is tenuous as he is young and it will take many years to prove his ability to continue controlling Noveress.

Personality: Tyndal is usually quiet and proper. She exhibits all the polite manners of a lady of royal lineage, but is kind and sweet natured. Beneath all the cultured propriety, if one knows her long enough, or well enough, from time to time a glimpse of the girl she was as a child will shine through, and that wee glimmer usually reflects a young woman who is highly susceptible to being sucked into mischief.

Skills: Tyndal has no battle skills whatsoever. None. She has learned to work the loom and is skilled at creating intricate tapestries and other woven textiles. Embroidery is also one of her popular pass-times, as is reading. She can sing well, but is enormously shy about singing in front of groups of people.

Tidbits: She is often Reiss' voice of reason, and when that voice of reason fails to talk sense into him, she will be the first to proudly announce the dreaded, I told you so. That is, assuming she wasn't lured into whatever trouble it is he finds himself in... like sliding down stairs as a child on the household dinner trays....

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