Character Details - Oran Aicasse

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Physical Description
Name: Oran Aicasse
Meaning: Pine-Tree Mountain
Race: Aarataurean Elf
Age: 24 years old as of 'The Awakening'
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Light Blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 6' 01"
Build: Lean
Identifying Marks: Three green leaves in a triangular pattern above his left hipbone at the front.
Clothing: Generally a simple tunic that reaches to mid-thigh, over the top of leggings with soft leather boots. These are most commonly in darker shades of blue or grey.

Personal Information
Personality: Brought up at the heart of the Aarataurean court, Oran is capable of the formality and courtesy that are its hallmarks, whilst retaining the occasional impetuousness of youth. Oran is proud of his ancestry, yet at the same time the feeling that his life-path is set in stone makes him feel faintly rebellious, especially when combined with the aftermath of the death of his father. As a result, in recent years he has felt restless and has begun to make the occasional visit off-world in order to get away from the Aarataure for a time.
Rank: Lord of the Aarataure
Abilities: Oran has been brought up as befits a Lord of the Aarataure. He has been educated in subjects such as art, literature, history and etiquette. Like many Aarataureans, his magic is elemental in nature and is inclined towards air magics. Unusually for an Aarataurean, he has also inherited a minor ability in earth magics too, something common in his father's ancestry but rare in the race as a whole.
Weapons Used: None

Background Information
Marital Status: Lover of Kee'Aeryn K'Tral
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The only child of Tressach Aicasse and Edana Windsinger, Oran has been brought up exclusively within the bounds of the Aarataure. His father's death during a botched assassination attempt on the King, Jared Windsinger, was something he found difficult to deal with - for a long time blaming Jared for the death. He was shocked to discover his great-grandfather, Gavin, was responsible for the assassination attempts.

Other Information:
  • Oran's soul is sapphire blue and gold in colour and in its ground state will often appear to be a mist in form. At the heart of this burns a flame that is the core of the individual's soul.
  • Like all Aarataureans, Oran's native spoken dialect is a musical tongue, not dissimilar in sound to Terran Irish, and this is reflected in his accent when speaking Common or other languages.
  • His scent is reminiscent of pine forests.
  • He is allergic to iron.
  • He is right-handed.
  • His most treasured possession is his father's sword.
  • His favourite colour is blue.

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