Character Details - Tennessee Hunter

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 7-Oct-2004 11:57:38 pm

Name: Tennessee "Howard" Hunter. Some call him Hunter, others call him Tenn. A select few call him "Howard" which he really hates.

Race: Human

Age: 46

Hair: Brown, with a shade of gray around his temples, flowing back over his ears.

Height: 6'2"

Occupation: Forensic Scientist, Doctor.

Appearance and personality: Tenn has a stocky build, rather handsome, and most of the time, he's seen wearing a white lab coat, or a three piece suit and tie. Sometimes seen wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses with a few
attachments that flips up out of the way. He's left handed, making his written word a bit hard to understand. He even has trouble at times reading what he’s just written.

Most of the time, he is seen carrying a black satchel, full of his 'tools of the trade'. It's enhanced to have what ever he needs at the time. Making it bottomless...

A very well learned man, a genius at the early age of four, well versed, receiving his Masters degree at the age of twelve. A sort of a stiff shirt at times, but he is always professional and doesn't smile that often. Hardly ever get a joke, but when he does, he breaks it down to his level, so he can understand it a bit better. Might take a bit to truly understand the punch line.

His favorite sayings are "I don't get it!" And "I see..." when he's thinking. A hard man to understand at times, but very well liked. He's fun at parties.

Heck! He's a nerd!!

*More to come as the character progresses*

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

William Peterson