Character Details - Rionach Windsinger

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Physical Description
Known Name: Rionach Windsinger (pron: REE-uh-nak)
Meaning: Queen of the Windsinger
Nicknames: Ree or Ria
Race: Aarataurean Elf
Age: 17 years old
Hair: Honey Blonde, Long, Slightly wavy
Eyes: Midnight Blue
Complexion: Porcelain
Height: 5' 11" (adult)
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Favours ankle-length gowns in delicate fabrics, preferably in shades of blue or lavender.

Personal Information
Personality: Rionach is a warm, kind-hearted young woman who believes the best of everyone. She has had quite a sheltered upbringing, as it not uncommon for an Aarataurean lady, and so she can sometimes be a little hesitant in unfamiliar social situations.
Rank: Aranel (Princess) of the Aarataure
Abilities: As the daughter of the current Aran (King) of the Aarataure, Rionach has been brought up as befits a Lady of the Aarataure. She has been educated in subjects such as art, music, dance, literature, history and etiquette. She is a particularly skilled artist, primarily using watercolours. Like many Aarataureans, her magic is elemental in nature and is inclined towards air magics.
Weapons Used: None

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The daughter of Jared Windsinger and Aine Helinyetille, Rionach has been brought up exclusively within the bounds of the Aarataure. Her mother's death in a horse-riding accident when she was seven years old was an upsetting period in her life, but she has since moved on. She is generally a happy girl who is very fond of her father's second wife, Danielle.

Other Information:

  • Rionach's soul is aquamarine in colour and in its ground state will often appear to be a mist in form. At the heart of this burns a flame that is the core of the individual's soul.
  • Like all Aarataureans, Rionach's native spoken dialect is a musical tongue, not dissimilar in sound to Terran Irish, and this is reflected in her accent when speaking Common or other languages.
  • One of Rionach's most treasured possessions is a set of lanniondono, clear blue gemstones native to Elemmiire, in a shade of aquamarine, which were given her one at a time on every birth day since the day she was born. As per Aarataurean custom, she will receive the last of these on her 21st birthday, at which time they will be made into a necklace for her to wear.

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