Character Details - Lydia Aquatia

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Physical Description:


Lydia Aquatia


Light Fae




8 inches in Regular Form; 5 ft 5 inches in Elf Form


5 ounces in Regular Form; About 130 Lbs in Elf Form


Light Blue in Regular Form; Dirty Blonde in Elf Form


Purple in Regular Form; Blue in Elf Form

Identifying Marks (if present):


Personal Information:


Lydia is full of of mischief like most fae. Although, she tends to be more mature about it. She loves to have fun and to socialize with others.


Water Fairy

Skills and Abilities:

Able to manipulate water to a great degree. She is not a generalist; she only uses water in her magic. Most of her practical jokes use water.

Like all light fae, she is able to transform into an Elf if she wants to, although this is a very painful process. After Lydia transforms into an Elf she looks like the picture below.

Weapons Used:


Background Information:


Lydia has spent her life in the Whispering Woods around streams and brooks. She plays in the water and flys around enjoying life. On occasion, she does tranform into an elf but only when needed. She prefers the life of a water fairy over an elf any day.

She was called upon by the elders and stood up in front of them for her friend, Celeste Fae, who had been banned from the Whispering Woods. Celeste told her about all the wonderful places she had visited when she was away. Lydia would like to travel one day like Celeste did.

Lydia finally got her chance to travel when by perchance a flyer calling for help came from the world of Grova and landed in her fallen tree. She transformed into her Elven form and traveled to Grova to work as a spy in the Elf Palace of Negatia. Her adventures as a spy is chronicled in Crossing Boundaries.

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