Character Details - Trist Axewielder

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Name:  Tristan Axewielder... but yeh can call m'Trist.
Age:  Approximately 30 years, but is still a juvenile by Centaur standards of aging.
Family:  Trist is one of a set of twins born to Drey and Epona Axewielder. Argen is his carbon copy, while Merick, his elder brother, is his hero.  Sisters consist of Portia,  Desdamona and Ophelia.
Color: Equine body - Palomino paint
Hair color: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: Almost 8 ft tall (Just under two meters) to the top of his Human head.
Build: As with all teens, Trist is still gangly in build but it is clear with time, he and his twin, Argen, will fill out to be well-built and lighter, quicker, than their stocky sire, Drey.

History: Trist is the twin brother of Argen, both are sons of Drey and Epona Axewielder, Laird and First Wife of the Skyoak Clan. They were born after the Clan left the Imperial Keep, and are what is known as Plains-bred. They come from a long line of warrior centaurs, and have many, many brothers and sisters, including Ophelia, Desdemona, Merick, and Portia.

Personality:  Trist is the louder, more troublesome of the twins, and loves to pester the likes of his mother, Brienne Urdrul - Mericks fiance' and soon to be his aunt, his sisters, and pretty much anyone that will let him wind them up.  He pictures himself the ladies man, but more often than not gets giggled at or smecked by the girls... yet he is unperterbed. 

Skills: Trist is currently known as a Hunter, one who not only goes out in hunting parties, but also goes into battle during times of war.  He was too young to have fought in the war for the Keep against the Eldredae, and is as of yet untested in true battle.  His skill with weapons is fair, but in time he will improve.

Tidbits:  Trist has a HUGE HUGE crush on Robin Silverleaf, Shadow Silverleaf's daughter who currently lives in the Blackthorn Keep. 

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