Character Details - Glutrix Glue

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Physical Description:


Glutrix Glue


50% Negatian Life Form, 50% Human


33 (Depends on Board)


5 ft 9 in


Average Build, 155 lbs


Light Brown to Black



Items Usually Carried:

A rock from the pool of life he keeps for good luck

Personal Information:


Glutrix is a jokester. He constantly crack jokes and is a good hearted man (and/or creature.) He may seem unintelligent to some but he knows a lot more than he lets on.


Currently works at the Western Docks in Buxon

Skills and Abilities:

Has the ability to project glue from any part of his body as well as the ability to morph into a creature made of glue. This is a sticky substance; stronger than Elmer's Glue, but not as sticky as Superglue.

Weapons Used:

The Glue Substance

Background Information:


When the evil Negatian Life Form called the Glue Monster wanted an heir, he kidnapped and raped a human woman. This was how Glutrix was concieved. Glutrix's mother escaped and fled to the Buccatabeppa Swamps right after Glutrix was born, she took her son with her. When Glutrix was six years old, his father found them and murdered his mother right before Glutrix's eyes. He took Glutrix with him back to Negatia.

He inherited his human features from his mother and his Glue like features from his father. He refused to follow in his father's dark footsteps so his father sent him through a portal telling Glutrix he wished to never see him again. Glutrix was 33 years old when this occured and he ended up in the world of Merlin.

After an adventure on Merlin chronicled in The Rune Stones of Merlin, Glutrix returned home to the world of Grova. Instead of returning to Negatia, Glutrix chose to stay in Peace World in the village of Buxon.

Marital Status:




Blood or Soul Bonds:


Characters that Glutrix has met or knows:
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*Note: An alternate version of Glutrix will appear in the story, Olnelan Sar'da

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