Character Details - Jean

Written by NightangelCreated : 6-Jul-2006 4:41:21 pm
Last Edited : 6-Jul-2006 4:52:48 pm

Name: Jean

Race: Seraphim Angel

Height: 5'1"

Body Build: physically trim-with curves

Appearance: Although Jean is short she makes up for it in looks. Her hair is a dark auburn color and falls to the middle of her back. Most of the time it is kept in a single braid down her back. Eyes have a unique feature. They are a dark bown during the day but are amber colored at night. Her body is lean and muscular but she has curves that human women envy.

Personality: Jean is quiet in a crowd but get her alone and she may never stop talking. After a few hundred years of not being able to talk to anyone she is making up for lost time. Caring, compassionate she will accomplish any task set before her.

Abilities: night vision, superior hearing, telepathy, and skilled with a sword 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gerrit Greve-The long Hall