Character Details - Lacy En'runya

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 15-Jun-2007 5:16:18 pm

Name: Lacy En'runya

Race: Elven

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown. {Looks about 19-21 yrs old}

Height: 5'5"

Built: Slim, athletic, muscular, with the grace of a cat, and the soft curves of young, innocent girl.

Eye color: Forest green, until she becomes frightened or angry, then they turn flame red.

Appearance: Soft, tanned skin, midnight black hair, except for two red streaks along her bangs that run down along her face. Strong muscular body, that is swift and sleek. Her ears are large, pointed at the tips, her eyes almond shaped like her fathers, her face young and Elven with full red lips and dark eyebrows.

Dress: She wearing a soft white shirt, short sleeved, with a black leather vest, a pair of black leather jeans with knee high boots. Around her neck is a small, round ring of wood.

Skills. She is what some refer to as a Firestarter. She's able to command her powers of fire and flame to make a blade of white fire and a shield. She can control her body to flame up like a human torch making her weightless enough to fly.

With nothing more than a simple thought she can transform her body into a living flame, a Phoenix in the shape of a young woman.  

The transformation takes place because of a magical chemical imbalance brought forth by carrying both Dragon and Phoenix blood in her veins.

 Born a simple forest elf she was captured at an early age and brought to a dark castle that sat high up on a cliff. There she and a number of children of different races were put through a number of tests, where a mad mage was trying to build a powerful weapon, one he could control.

By placing the blood of a Dragon and Phoenix into the bodies of these children he was trying to empower them with the magic that both creatures held. Working with dark magic he destroyed every child he 'serviced' leaving only Lacy.

For reasons yet unknown, she was the only one that was able to take and control the mixture of blood from both creatures, and the dark magic the mage used, turning her into a elven torch. A being able to control fire, with the Phoenix being the stronger side.

After more tests, which took years, she was trained to become an assassin, but when the mage tried to wipe her mind, leaving only the assassin's side for him to control something went wrong.

Her mind split into three different sides. A young child, a young woman and the assassin. The assassin side killed the mage and escaped.

Abilities: The first and most obvious is her ability to control the amount of heat her own fiery body gives off. It can melt your sword from great distances, or allow you to touch her without so much as a heat blister! As a branch of this ability, she can also propel huge streams of fire by bringing her hands together and aiming them.

She has been known to shield herself and anyone near in a half bubble of flames, capable of melting almost anything touching it.

Another maybe less known ability of her is a shrilling call. She can shriek to the point that anyone around her is brought to tears and can't hear clearly of days, or even weeks.

The Myth:  Lastly, the most amazing ability is more of a myth then fact. This is because no one has ever seen her die. The tale goes that when she comes close to death, her body turns to ash. The ash then ignites in golden fire, and she is revived in its own sacred fire. To this end, she is an immortal, never really dying, just reviving from its own remains. While this belief is widely held, no real evidence has been brought forward to prove her cla
im of immortality.

She believes that during the transfusions of blood and magic she was given the souls of both mystical creatures, giving her the capabilities of becoming a living, breathing Phoenix, with the fire power of a Dragon's breath.

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