Character Details - Redd Rose

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Name: Redd Rose

World of birth: Haven

Race: Elf

Age: 123

Apparent Age (if different): 19

Height: 5’ 6”

Build/Weight: Full figured, muscular frame/ 110 lbs

Hair: Bright Red

Eyes: Green

Complexion: Fair

Identifying Marks (if present): Freckles

Clothing: She can be seen wearing a snow white blouse, green with gold striped tunic, cut low across her full breasts, and green cotton slacks. A wide leather belt circles her slender waist. Boots made from the softest leather run all the way up to her calves, reinforced at the knees.

She normally wears brown leather gloves while hunting, and wears two Hawk feathers in her hair for luck.

Personal Items usually carried: A crystal blue stone which hangs from a silver looped chain, given to her by her mother on her seventh birthday. She's never taken it off.

Personal Information:

Personality: Friendly, easy going.

Occupation: Thief/Ranger/Rune Reader

Skills and Abilities: She uses Rune magic, taught to her by a great wizard, who turned thief after the great Wizard Wars all but destroyed her home world. 

*Weapons Used: Rune magic. A long bow, with a quiver of raven feathered arrows and a long bladed dagger.

Background Information:

*History: Born a mage’s daughter her magic abilities were never tapped until after the Great Wizard War, which all but destroyed her world. Her family was murdered by a zealot lot of superstitious people, who destroyed her home and burned everything in it. She was seven years old at that time, and was the only one to escape. 

She's still unsure to this day how she escaped the angry mob, only know that she found herself in a garbage filled alleyway, wet, tired and dirty.   

Found by Shad, a former wizard, turned thief, she was taken in and taught the ways of thievery and Rune magic.

After Shad passed away she went out on her own, portaling from world to world, where she soon came across a new born Winter wolf, whose mother had been killed for her pelt. Nursing the young pup back to health, and naming him Biff, he’s remained by her side protecting her and soon became her ‘voice of reason’, after she placed a rune of speech upon his throat.   

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: Single

*Bonds: None


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