Character Details - Oren Slade

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 8-Mar-2005 1:13:22 pm

Name: Oren Slade

Occupation: Intelligence Professional/Master thief

Age: 38

Ht: 5’10"

Wt: 170 lbs

Eyes: Light Brown

Hair: Sandy Blond, cut over ears

Skin: Caucasian

Distinguishing Marks: None


Magic Device Usage – Oren is adept at recognizing and utilizing magical paraphernalia

Mechanical Device Usage – Oren has a mechanical aptitude which allows him to understand the workings of most mechanical devices, including locks.

Basic Spy Skills – including, but not limited to: lockpicking, evasion, hiding, lip reading, moving silently, climbing, tightrope walking, etc.

Trained Memory – not quite photographic, but Oren is trained to observe and recall and he can to an exceptional degree.

Weapon Proficiency – Oren is adequate in the use of most weapons. His style is much more improvisational, though. See below.

Weapon Improvisation – Oren can take ordinary every day items and turn them into deadly weapons. (Watch out for the playing cards of death!)

Causes Confusion – Oren has the uncanny ability to access a situation and see what will cause the most confusion, or distraction.

Gather Information – Oren is a natural at getting people to tell him what he wants to know.

Disguise – Oren is a master of changing his persona Languages
– Oren learns other languages quickly and masters them to perfection, including accents. He currently speaks Nine languages.

Powers: None

World: Terra

The area Oren is from (and the only part of the world he has seen) is similar in geography and climate to our Europe. The political climate is also as diverse.


Oren’s home country was called Coriana. A small kingdom, Coriana survived by practicing a strict neutrality. This, plus a mountain range as a natural defense, made Coriana a very prosperous place. Oren was part of Coriana’s extensive intelligence force – the Friezha – whose job it was to maintain their country’s delicate political balance. Barbarian warlords from across the world launched a massive attack at the entire continent using Coriana as a staging area. Coriana’s poor military might was no match for the horde and it was quickly overrun. Oren found himself without a nation and wanted for espionage in all of the countries that survived the horde’s attacks.


Oren is difficult to read. He is so adept at hiding his emotions and putting forth false personas that one is hard pressed to know if one is EVER experiencing the REAL Oren. His most common "face" is that of an easy going lay-about. He does have a code of honor that he adheres to (though he doesn’t share the specifics of that code with anyone). He always keeps his word to a client…unless that clients breaks the contract.

Oren had a family – he lost them to the horde. He doesn’t talk about it.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Michael Shanks