Character Details - Kali'ani C'Nisi

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Name: Kali'ani C'Nisi
Occupation: Dream Walker
Race: Alaenari
Hair: White, Fine
Eyes: White, Blind
Complexion: White, Albino-like
Height: 4' 5"
Build: Delicate
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: White shift dress

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: The Alaenari possess an innate telepathic ability to communicate with one another. This, and other natural abilities, is due to the highly evolved brain possessed by individuals of this race who view the mind (human or otherwise) as a physical scaffold for an entity of electrical and quantum impulses. This system, in turn is said to have abilities towards influencing and receiving "quantum fluctuations" from other minds. In essence the brain is the telepathic organ, its connections to other brains not physical, but psychic.

A select group of the Alaenari possess the ability to 'dream walk'. To achieve this, they first enter a trance-like state similar to that of lucid dreaming. This is described as "the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer ("lucid") experience and usually enabling direct control over the content of the dream." They are then capable of entering the dreaming mind of an individual whilst they are asleep, and the particularly skilled may enter the subconscious mind of an awake individual. Whilst there they may observe all that the individual in question 'sees' in their dreams and, whilst they cannot control an individual's mind, the nature of most humanoids whilst asleep makes them particularly suggestible to the 'influence' and 'suggestions' of the Dream Walker. These suggestions are made by a process known as Dream Sharing. This is a dream state under the primary control of the Dream Walker in which two or more individuals participate in the same dream. Dream Sharers are able to interact within the dream environment, wake up and recount the same dream details to each other in waking life. The ease with which this state is achieved varies between individuals. Those with other psi-type abilities such as telepathy, empathy etc are often the most easy to bring into a Dream Sharing experience, however they are also often the ones best able to fight the control of the Dream Walker if they become conscious of their presence.

It is rare for this ability to be used in a deceptive or forceful manner. Instead it is more common for the Dream Sharing to be a mutual experience designed to aid knowledge and understanding, or even healing in some contexts. Those Dream Walkers who go 'rogue' are known as Dream Catchers. Because of the danger to others, as well as to their own society, individuals which use their abilities with such reckless or malicious abandon are frequently hunted down and confined by other Dream Walkers.

Weapons Used: None

Other Information: Living in the almost perpetual darkness in the far north of Elemmiire, Alaenari are pale in colour due to the lack of pigmentation in their skin. This is because they are rarely, if ever, exposed to the sun and thus require no natural defences such as melanin in the skin, giving them an albino-like appearance. However, this does obviously mean that they are particularly vulnerable to the sun's rays should they be exposed to them. Their limbs are long and thin, with tactile digits which allow them to feel what they cannot see. They are also entirely blind, with an acute sense of smell and hearing. Alaenari also possess an auxiliary olfactory sense organ known as a vomeronasal organ. This is located in the vomer bone, between the nose and the mouth. This is used to detect distinct chemical components such as pheromones. Odour information is easily stored in long term memory and has strong connections to emotional memory. This is possibly due to the olfactory system's close anatomical ties to the limbic system and hippocampus, areas of the brain that have long been known to be involved in emotion and place memory, respectively. It can thus be used not only as a means of navigation, allowing the Alaenari to recognise certain places by the odours associated with them, but can also assist with inter-personal communication by using the precise chemical component of an individual's scent as an aid to judging moods.

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