Character Details - Atticus Kaeldtin

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KNOWN NAME: Atticus Kaeldtin

FULL NAME: Atchuse Kel'hin



RACE: 75 % Sch'veriss, 25 % Yijiru

AGE: 2,253 (as of Blood Moon)

APPERANT AGE: Mid-Thirties

ACCENT: British



HAIR: Reddish brown, scruffy beard and mustache

EYES: Silvery violet



BONDS: Blood mark fiendship w/ Draegan, Nueth'Ra w/ Lani

OCCUPATION: Works at warehouses nears the docks in Teklan

CLOTHING: Baggy pants, usually dusty brown or khaki in colour, earthy coloured short sleeved shirts, sometimes wears a long sleeved shirt over the short sleeved, dusty brown work boots

PERSONAL ITEMS CARRIED: silver cigarette case,

I.D. MARKS:  Claw marks on the front of his right shoulder, scar on the palm of his right hand, a scar on his back between his neck and left shoulder, claw marks on his left shoulder,


PERSONALITY: Quiet, has difficulty trusting people, somewhat nervous, doesn't like being touched, has a temper, not afraid to speak his mind, sarcastic, is brutal y honest,

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Mind control, can create demon wolves from the dust of any planet he is on, has natual healing abilities, can create portals that looks like a sheet of water and falls to the ground like liquid and dissapears after he goes thorough it. Is able to the bend light around him, so that he seems to dissapear, Telepathy, has the elemental powers of ice and wind.

WEAPONS USED: 2 Short swords



Atticus was born the on the planet of Kintarah, in a town that no longer exist. A war between humans and magic folks on Kintarah began when Atticus was very young. Fearing for the life and future of their son and themselves, his parents sought refuge elswhere and ended up on the planet Elemmiir, in the city of Teklan which is found in the R’Kesh.

Atticus and his parents settled into life in Teklan easily, as had others of their race. Atticus one day went on a erran for his mother, only to return home to find that both of his parent had been brutally murdered, and himself marked for death. He left his home, fearing for his life, yet never left Teklan. Atticus, who had been left an orphan, grew up on the streets, fending for himself.

Atticus is still being hunted by the humans from Kaintarah, who aim to extinguish all magical races of their world, including refugees.

Atticus has no current love intrest, but finds Lani K'Tral interesting.


NAME: BlackStar



COLOUR: Pitch black, with a black mist coming from his mouth, nostrels and skin

EYE COLOUR: Glowing Red


1. The mist that radiates from BlackStar has healing propoerties, to both himself and other beings. It also has poisonus properties.

2. BlackStar has a small silver star in the middle of his forehead

3. Atticus is immune to most poisons

4. Atticus's eyes go slightly red when he uses mind control

NOTE: Atticus is NOT a native of Elemmiire He IS a native of Kintarah.

NOTE: The wolf like creatures that Atticus can create, are as high as Atticus's waist. they have long curved nails, long shaggy fur across their back, chest, and upper front legs, with very sort hair on their rears, and back legs. Their tails are whip like, and their fur is a rusty brown colour. They have short serrated sharp teeth.

Scent: Sandalwood and sage

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Thom Yorke