Character Details - Lucretia Thestral

Written by Drake Silverwing

Lucretia Nicole Thestral

Age: 35

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Auburn

Build: Athletic and strong full figured

Eyes: Brown

Father’s name: Charles Thesial

Mother’s name: Alexis Liana Thestial – Huntress of Vampire/Werewolf

Lucretia is the by-product of a human mother who fell in love with a vampire.

Alexis Liana Thestial had been married to one the wealthiest men in town. But money didn't and couldn't buy her happiness. She came from a long line of Vampire Hunters, those who sought out and destroyed vampires and an occasional Werewolf. When she married she had put this aside, but life became tedious and she needed an outlet. She sought out her family and asked to be given assignments. Slipping away once her husband fell into his brandy induced sleep she sought out her query in the dark streets. She was good at what she did so they gave her the assignment of finding one Raoul Ravenhurst of the Gangral Clan.

Maybe it was what she had seen in his eyes, a hunger, lust that she was searching for, unlike her husband’s cold touch and brandy stained lips.

Instead of destroying him, as she should have any vampire they became lovers. And as time went by it became evident that she was pregnant, but not by Raoul.

It became time for Raoul to leave as his clan never stayed in one place for long. She was torn, if her family found that she had not completed her assignment she would be thrown out, if she killed Raoul she would have to kill herself. That left her with the final choice, to become one of them. To be a Vampire. Her child wasn’t due for at least another month so the decision was made that she would become one of them, she would go through the Embrace.

Everything was going smoothly, her blood had been drained from her and the vampire’s blood coursed through her Alexis went into labor at the point of death, gave birth to a girl with auburn hair and blue green eyes. Taking the tiny infant in his arms, thinking she was of human blood, Raoul vanished into the night making his way to the Thestial estate, where he left the child in the hands of the man who opened the door, Alexis’s brother. There he told his story, saying that Alexis had died in childbirth, that he was told to bring her daughter home. Then he left, to follow his new bride and family to a new land.

A few years later Alexis family found her and her lover, killing them both, scattering their ashes so that they could never be rejoined. Hearing of the embrace Lucretia’s father trained her to become a great huntress, telling her lies and feeding her blood lust by killing all vampires and werewolves they came across.

Lucretia has only one goal in her life. To seek out and destroy any and all vampires especially those in the Gangrel Clan, others would only be bonus points. She is aware that she is half vampire, but was never told why. She has been given few details of her lineage, yet she knows who her father was, but not that of her mother, who loved her deeply. Her hatred is deep and she wants to be the best Huntress that there is. She has learned the ways of the undead and mingles with them one on one in many disguises. She is well trained in the martial arts. After her family was killed by a band of Vampires, she went on a search, ending up on Caliginous, a world ran by Vampires and Werewolves.

A perfect place for the likes of her…

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Lorrie Morgan