Character Details - Jericho

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Name:  Jericho (commonly called The Watchtower, or simply The Tower)
Race:  Aerdonian Centaur
Height:  8 standard feet to the top of his human head
Rank:  Laird (Sole survivor of his clan after the war for the Keep - Laer Drae Sar'da)


Jericho was once the Laird of the NorthPlains Clan, and as such earned the nickname The Watchtower, or The Tower.  His clan roamed the far northern plains and were usually the first to know of any movement of the Imperial (Black) armies across the southern border of the Diirlathe.  It was Jericho's clan that would sound the first alarm, and as Laird, it was Jericho who would order the 'runners' to head south into the deep plains and the Ruauldnahm.

His clan became a victim of the wildfires which were deliberately set by the Eldredae on their march to the Imperial Keep during Laer Drae Sar'da (the war named for the season, which occured during the Season of Death).  Jericho was seriously injured in an attempt to save his five youngest children and his Most Favored Wife and was taken as a prisoner of war by the Eldredae.  He was not treated kindly, and was branded like an ordinary pack animal on his chest.  The mark is that of the Eldredae Wareagle, and he will bear the mark for the rest of his life.


Jericho is tall and heavily muscled for his race, with the equine body of a large draft horse and an equally proportioned Human torso.  He keeps his head shaved as the scalp was burnt during the fire, and the hair will only grow back in random patches.  His coat is a medium palamino and has dapples across the hindquarters.  His human body has many scars, including those made by cuts, arrows, and burns. 

To deepen the humility of being branded, the Eldredae summoned a healer, a Mage with mastery over all elements, and Jericho's face was damaged in such a way that while the skin is smooth and unblemished, his beard will never grow back,his face will remain smooth like that of a colt's for the rest of his life. with the exception of a very short gotee and moustache.

Weapons:  Jericho's weapon of choice is the mace.  Like all his kind, however, he is proficient with the javeline, lance, axes, and the long-sword.

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