Character Details - Lyta Zakha-el

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Lyta Zakha-el

One of twin demons, young and into trouble at every turn.

Wingless. Tailed humanoid with grasping, taloned feet, claws, and natural armor (scutes and bead-like boney studs embedded in her skin), small, sharp interlocking fangs, unruly mane of dark, wiry hair, eye ridges studded with tiny, emergent horns, eyes of glowing sunset (red-orange). Skin is pale golden yellow coloration hidden beneath layers of dirt. She is about half the size of an average human. She lacks much in the way of magical powers, but is immune to most spells unless the spells are specifically geared towards demonoids. Lyta usually moves about hunched over, the better to launch herself into great leaps or duck to escape as needed. She can and often does move about using her arms as well as legs. Very swift and agile, few things present a physical barrier to her.

Clothed(barely) in ragged shreds of filthy cloth.

Lyta is female.

If you encounter one, the other isn't far off.

Orphans of the Bloodwars.

Lyta and Nyr caught an unexpected ride to the prime planes when the huge adult demon that had snatched them up was suddenly summoned by a wizard.

The wizard's circle of summoning and binding was only meant to hold one demon, not three, so in the ensuing chaos and destruction, Lyta and Nyr escaped.

Lost, they have found survival on the prime planes much easier than on the outer plane where they were born. Now, they traverse the planes, doing as they please, trying to avoid getting killed or captured - or being sent home. They are a team, and look out for each other.

Lyta and Nyr speak a smattering of various languages; they "hear" the thoughts behind the words spoken to - or yelled at - them and understand the thoughts more than the words. They are illiterate, but recognize that groups of markings can have hidden meanings.

They act as though they fear no one - yet they fear anyone bigger and stronger than they are.

Lyta and Nyr can't resist anything edible that's sweet. They will do whatever they must to get it.

Note that their ideas of what that entails are liable to be very different from anyone else's.

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