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Name: Saraswati 'Sara' Creek

Age: Ancient

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 132

Jewelry: A brown diamond ring that signifies her bond with Saraswati Creek.

Physical Features: She has light brown luminescent scales sparkling in many places all over her body, and yet not covering her body.

History: Sara was born when Orange Creek and Madelyn Creek on Nymph Isle merged during a flood to create Saraswati Creek. This muddy creek is home to many amphibians and is maintained by Sara. She keeps it damp and muddy as that is its natural state and make sure nothing affects that. It only runs about a mile long but it is dear to Sara's heart. Sara has a general disdain for men and considers them to be inferior creatures. She is a conservative nymph and was one of the first to criticise the building of the new bridge.

Sara has the ability to mate with both men and women. But she prefers women as she considers herself a homosexual.

***With Garden World being cut off from the multiverse, Sara is stuck there and is therefore now an inactive character on Bardic Web.

Magical Abilities: She has affinity with any body of water, but especially fresh waters. She has the ability to be under the waters indefinitely and still breathe. She can cause the waters to storm, flood, etc. She can portal, and has minimal telepathic abilities with her fellow nymphs. She can not be away from water for long however, and is always drinking it. She is NOT a mermaid, but a nymph with an affinity for water.

Notes; For more information on her magical abilities please see Garden's mythos.

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