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Physical Description:


Heslig Barsk (Barsk is not a last name. It is a second first name)


Ice/Snow Troll


Even Heslig is not sure of her age, probably just over a thousand


7 ft 9 in


Heavy Set, 302 lbs, Pretty Broad-shouldered for a female troll





Personal Information:


Heslig is a troll not to mess with. She can get very angry and ornery. While this is true of most trolls, it is especially true of Heslig. Heslig is more than willing to eat a person of any race besides trolls. She would never harm a child though. She loves children.


Formerly a huntress, she currently works at Diana Youngblood's shop in Raven's Roost.

Skills and Abilities:

An excellent huntress and axe-wielder. When she lived with the trolls, she would often lead hunting bands.

Weapons Used:

Her axe which she calls her "Baby". She is very fond of it.

Background Information:


Heslig was born in the northen continent of Merlin and that is where she spent most of her life. She does not remember much about her childhood, she doesn't think it is very important to remember such things. Which is ironic, considering how much she loves children.

After the events of The Rune Stones of Merlin, Heslig was banned from the northern continent. Heslig went to work in Raven's Roost in Diana Youngbloods' new shop. Although she likes Diana, she is very unhappy there and misses being with her people. She is ashamed.

Marital Status:



Has Birthed Ten Children

Blood or Soul Bonds:


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