Character Details - Andaria Stone

Written by L.A.Created : 19-Jun-2006 9:22:12 pm
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Andaria Stone's picture

Physical Description:
*Name: Andaria Stone
Meaning of Name: beautiful and solid
*Race: elven
*Age: 200-ish
*Height: 5 feet
*Build/Weight: thin, but muscular as a ballet dancer
*Hair: brown
*Eyes: green
Complexion: sun-kissed skin
*Identifying Marks (if present): none
Clothing: whatever she happens to be wearing...normally not much

Personal Information:
*Personality: sarcastic, untrusting, secretive
*Occupation: normally a dancer
*Skills and Abilities: dancing, lying, cheating(card games)
*Weapons Used: small knife/dagger

Background Information:
*History: Its a secret
*Marital Status: are you kidding? n/a
*Children: and ruin her figure? n/a
*Bonds: recently freed...even tanned over her collar marks

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Samantha Tiner