Character Details - Shayle Dior

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Shayle Dior's picture

Physical Description:
*Name: Shayle Dior

*Race: human
*Age: 12 years old

*Height: 4'6"
*Build/Weight: Petite...nearly mal-nurished...around 55 pounds
*Hair: dirty blonde...streaks of medium brown
*Eyes: honey brown
Complexion: very pale...sickly pale
*Identifying Marks (if present): blind in right eye...apparent by milky shading of the eye itself and scarring around the eye
Clothing: white lacey blouse and black velvet dress
Personal Items usually carried: a doll

Personal Information:
*Personality:shy but highly intelligent...withdrawn but observes everything
*Occupation: child
*Skills and Abilities: can shoot bow, can speak different languages
*Weapons Used: n/a

Background Information:
*History: Youngest child to Darrien and Darla Dior
*Marital Status: n/a
*Children: n/a
*Bonds: n/a

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Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn