Character Details - Jeremy Brisky

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Rogue, thief for hire, drifter

Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 180
Age: Unknown
Face shape: Angular, handsome, crinkles around the eyes when he smiles
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Bronze tan
Body type:  Lanky, but it’s deceiving for he is very muscular
Hair:  Dark brown, wavy, shoulder length

Race: Human  as far as he knows.  He hasn’t taken the time to consider it since he stopped aging when he turned 35.

Special abilities:  No magic, that he is aware of.  Excellent with a sword. Never misses his target with a knife.

Family:  Unknown

Habits:  When nervous he chews on thumb.  Sounds silly, but when he is plotting and sitting at a table he can be seen chewing on the tip of his thumb.

Temperament:  Easy going until you corner him.  Then he is all busy and a temper to match.

Familiar/Pet/Companion:  black panther by the name of Mickie.  She had been at his side at all times until the story "Talisman Clockwork" where her physical body died due to injuries.  Her soul left the body.  At this time Jeremy only knows his companion has died.

Jeremy  and his companion had traveled from one world to another as much as possible as long as he can find someone to work a portal for him.  Not always getting where he wants to go, of course, because you can’t always trust another thief, even if they’ve been well paid.  He loves a good time, a good bawl and a good woman.  Usually in that order.

He stopped aging after a very lucrative job for a sorceress on some unnamed world.  It was her gift to him for a job well done.  The retrieval of her child.

He is willing to work for just about anyone.  Just about meaning if he will not work for those who are purported to be downright evil.  Bad, yes.  Ugly, yes. Mean yes, But, if a known murderer or worst, no. If he is aware of it in the beginning.  He has been fooled a few times and barely escaped with his life.  But, that is the thrill of the adventure and why he does what he does.
(Bio a work in progress)

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