Character Details - Aidwyn

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Name: Aidwyn

Other Names: She is also known as Kazda A name bestowed upon her by the goblins of Xaxrix because of her kindness - it is a goblin word meaning "Lady of White Heart"

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (she looks 20)

Race: Human (though she has immortality bestowed on her by her husband)

Class: Warrior/Queen

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair Color: Long, Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale white

Home of origin: AshLaen (human kingdom in a valley in the DarkMirror Mountains)

Present Dwelling: Xaxrix Castle - high up in the dark thickly forested DarkMirror Mountains, the kingdom itself is surrounded on three sides by a massive black onyx wall and on the fourth side by the mountainside. Xaxrix Castle (carved from the mountainside) is made entirely of black onyx and glass.

Occupation: Queen of Xaxrix (goblin kingdom in the DarkMirrors), she is the wife of Jarik (the goblin king)

Notable Scars/Injuries: None, she is a flawless beauty

Likes: The wilderness and has a special fondness for owls.

Dislikes: Dislikes avarice and greed. The power-hungry. Has no love for mortal men.

Opinion of the World: Nothing is what it appears to be.

Attitude towards Friends: Welcoming. She would fight to protect them.

Attitude towards Strangers: Cold. Watchful. Wary.

Weapons: She is skilled in the use of goblin blades and is learning goblin magick from her husband.

Armor/Clothing: She wears a long brown dress made of fine brown velvet and brown beads and lether strings in her hair.

Bio/History: For three and a half hundred years the war had raged - between the goblin kingdom of Xaxrix, in the gem-filled DarkMirror Mountains, and the human kingdom of AshLaen in the valley far below. Jarik, the goblin king, sought to defend the riches of his kingdom while Theron, the king of the human realm who first began the war, sought to add those very riches to his treasury - though he piously claimed that the sole purpose of his war was to remove the evil goblins from the world for the sake of all good men. It was a call passed down father to son among men, while Jarik, immortal, watched the many generations of men who rose against him fall to his goblin armies.
Torin, the present king of the human realm, was a hard and cruel king whose only thought was to succeed where his predecessors had failed. But he did not know - until Aidwyn came into his life. The birth of his first and only daughter, did not dissuade Torin from his goals and, as he had no use for a daughter anyway, instead gave him an idea. The day she was born, he betrothed her to the goblin king Jarik in exchange for "peace".

Aidwyn met Jarik for the first time when she was eighteen. Truly in love with her, the goblin king fought to win her heart and on their wedding night, Torin and his armies launched an attack on Xaxrix. Having had eighteen years without conflict to build up his armies, the human armies waged war for many years with a tenative peace only being brought about by Aidwyn's parlaying with her youngest brother (Thaiden) now king of AshLaen.

In her years with Jarik, Aidwyn has grown into a strong and formidable woman - smart and cunning, but with a great heart.

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Guinevere {the movie King Arthur}(Keira Knightley)