Character Details - Angel Snow

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Name: What ever her Masters chose, but she was born with the name "Angelina", but she prefers "Angel."

Race: A Shar'kra'tar. A winged being, now bred as a slave, to do as her masters ordered. To carry messages and small parcel to others. Once bred as a warrior race, she is able to use a number of weapons, from daggers, darts, swords, spears, shield, blowgun, and bow, to name a few. Her talent go far beyond mortal man, for she can mimic anything , or anyone, once shown to her, from a special move, to that of nerve blocking. Being a 'messenger' she is able to comprehend different languages and cultures, making it easy for her to blend in.

Shar'kra'tar..... It means in some languages "Children of the wind." While to others it simply means "Winged Messenger."

Stance: She stands only five feet four inches tall, but with her mask on, she looks to be taller. Young in stature, looking to be only nineteen years, or summers old. But she is well over three hundred years old, not knowing her true date of birth or as she would say, " The day of my hatching," being born from an egg.

She had long light brown hair, shoulder length, a muscular body, for her stance of 5'4", an hour glass figure, with two large {yea, I know what your thinking} White wings that flow up and behind her back, that she can fold around her body, when she becomes shy, or is caught nude sun bathing......

Two smaller wing can be seen on each side of her ankle, much like the god Mercury. Her skin is a golden tan color, and she has night vision to see and fly at night. She is stronger than most men , but carries herself as being shy. She can be suited for most stories, be it Warrior, healer or tracker. She is no suited to battle Dragons, due her her love for them. Evil or otherwise. As her, they are winged creatures, that dance in the clouds and kiss the sky.....

Her weakness is that of wood....a splinter of wood can cause fever, sickness and sometimes death, so she carry's a small pouch that rests near her lower back that carries a hand full of crushed leaves.

Herbs that when mixed with hot water becomes a tea that she can drink, in order to flush the woods poison from her system. 

But within that angel like body is hidden a warrior like no other. When Angel becomes very angry, or there is real danger afoot, her body takes on a dramatic change, starting at the tips of her wings.

Her wings change from their snow white look to that of black, with a metalic sheen to them. Her body changes also to black, her muscles grow stronger, leaner, her hands turn in to three fingered claws, her face and skin takes on a theme that some say look demon like. Her bone structure becomes thicker, her skin forms a heavy armored shell to protect her, her brow becomes larger, bone like structures that lift over her eyes. . Her eyes change from that of brown to red, with cat like pupils of gold. Her wings are also transformed, giving them a metal structure to ward off arrows and blades. Two large blades flow out from her wrists that she uses like shields to stop a weapon blow.

But they are very sharp, which she uses like a sword, able to slice down through bone and muscle.

She takes on the look of a demon, her warrior side, a side she's kept hidden for ages. She feels what is called Demon's rage, killing any and all that cross her weapons path. She has been known to take a horse out from under its rider with one blow of her blade, cutting the horse's head off...

Reacently she's had some word done while visiting Elemmiire. At the shop called Ink and Steel, she had two magical tattoes placed along her shoulder-blades, allowing her wing flaps to open she she's able to pull her wings within her body.

She now looks like any normal looking elf.

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