Character Details - Azizi Bedui

Written by Justin RainCreated : 12-Jun-2006 12:29:05 am
Last Edited : 1-Nov-2006 12:58:21 am

*Name:  Azizi Bedui
*Race:  midnight fae
*Age:  498
Apparent Age:  8
*Height:  4 inches tall
*Build/Weight:  45
*Hair:  black
*Eyes: brown
Complexion:  chocolate brown skin
*Identifying Marks (if present):  fairy wings
Clothing:  African one piece of material style clothing. 
Personal Items usually carried; typically has flowers somewhere on her person

Personal Information:
*Personality:  bubbly, mischieveous, silly, and tempermental, and a bit bossy
*Occupation:  Job whats that?
*Skills and Abilities:    Hide & Seek, Blessing the flowers of the night, playing games
*Weapons Used:  None

Background Information:
*History:   The oldest of the midnight fae, and also the bossiest.  Aziza makes sure the practical jokes don't get carried too far, and takes care of the smaller fae.  She tries to be responsible, but tends to forget what that word means.  She lived on a small backward planet being guarded by a grumpy old dragon for a long time, but he has died, and made arrangements for all of the midnight fae to live on Garden.  Aziza is trying to be responsible and act like a leader, its not always successful, but given time it might work. 
*Marital Status:  n/a
*Children:  3 flower children
*Bonds:   midnight fae do not bond

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