Character Details - Tasaria Tabri

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Physical Description
Name: Tasaria Tabri
Meaning: Dawn
Nickname: Ria
Race: Aerdonian Silver Dragon, pure blood
Age: 20,000 +
Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Silver
Eyes: Ice Blue
Length: Approx. 40 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Approx. 60 ft wingspan

Half-Elven Appearance:
Hair: Shoulder-length honey-blonde hair with natural platinum streaks
Eyes: Ice Blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim
Markings: Single silver star on the inner wrist of her right hand marking her devotion to Dhanna.
Clothing: In her official capacity as Priestess, Tasaria is most often seen in a midnight-blue gown sprinkled with silver stars. On other occasions, she is usually seen wearing cool shades such as blue and lilac.

Personal Information
Personality: Tasaria has a cool, composed nature and is not easily rattled. She is both intelligent and observant, traits which have stood her in good stead as a Priestess.
Rank: Priestess of Dhanna, Silver Goddess of Order
Abilities: In addition to her natural ability to form blades and spikes from her own scale in two-legger form, Tasaria is able to use ice and lightning as breath weapons. She is also gifted by her goddess and god with the Storm. This gift manifests itself in two ways, either lightning or ice, depending on her intentions, and is cast from the hand. Like all Kin she possesses the skill of transmutation, or molecular alteration. This magic can be used for healing, however, to use it in such a manner causes the dragon to tire quickly and if used too much can completely exhaust it.
Weapons Used:

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The daughter of Parsifal Tabri and Yulija Anenfel, Tasaria is the third child of their first clutch.

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